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Cardio Twister How Does It Compare To Other Ab Machines

Review Summary

 The makers of Cardio Twister promise their machine can deliver a sexy, slim and toned midsection and fast weight loss as well. The machine is said to resemble a few other similar products on the market in design, though it has obvious differences. People seeking out an abdominal toning machine would be right to research all of their options, including this one, comparing it to others currently on the market, like the Flex Belt and other abdominal toning machines and belts. Offered on the official website and also through television, this particular product is quite visible at the writing of this review.


 This cardio and abdominal machine looks somewhat like a stepper, commonly seen in gyms. It has two pedals for the feet and an upright handle bar. As users step on the machine, they simultaneously twist the handlebars, reportedly working their abs while they elevate their heart rate. Because of this simultaneous total body movement, the maker states this product works the abs, legs, buns and arms.


 At the writing of this review, consumers can find the Cardio Twister selling on the official website for $199.80. This current price is said to be comparable to the price on the popular abdominal toning belt mentioned above, which currently retails for $199.00.


 This is a piece of home gym equipment. Like many other tools that are similar in nature, this one is somewhat large and may take up a lot of space in the home. Abdominal belts, on the other hand, allow for easy storage and can even be worn under clothing. When compared with these types of toning belts, this machine is said to require significant user effort. However, the maker states that effort is rewarded with fat loss. Similar to the better quality toning belts, this product is said to also tone additional areas of the body.

 Final Thoughts

 The manufacturer of this product currently offers it backed with a 60 day money back guarantee. High quality abdominal toning belts often come with the same guarantee, and some industry experts say this can be a sign of manufacturer pride and also dedication to customer satisfaction. When seeking a proper solution to abdominal toning, it is important to research well. Examine the additional sites linked below for more information on the Cardio Twister and abdominal toning belts, like the Flex Belt.


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