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Charcoal Air Purifiers and Their Benefits

What are the benefits of using charcoal air purifiers? If you think charcoal is great for grilling, you will be even more impressed with how well charcoal works to clean the air around you.

With improved technology and research, experts have discovered charcoal can be used in purifiers to cleanse your home of harmful toxins and odors. Charcoal air purifiers are now on the market, competing with ionizers and ozone type purifying units. Here are a few of the main benefits to using charcoal units.

Charcoal Difference

Charcoal or more pointedly activated charcoal that is used in these types of purifiers attracts all types of toxins, chemicals and odors. These chemicals, odors and toxins then become trapped in the millions of pours on each piece of activated charcoal. If you are thinking that activated charcoal sounds familiar, it should, it is the main treatment used for absorbing poisons from the human body due to accidental poisoning. The delivery may be a bit different, but the principle is the same, simply absorb the bad stuff with charcoal!

When you compare this to the ionizers or ozone type you can immediately see one huge difference, no ozone is released into your home. This is good news, especially for those extremely sensitive to this problem. Overproduction of ozone can irritate lungs and even skin of those sensitive to it.

Cost is another place you will find a big difference between charcoal purifiers and ion or HEPA options. Carbon filters can cost quite a bit and must be replaced on a regular basis for the air purifier to continue to do its job. Ion purifiers are different in that respect; generally, the internal “grates” of an ion model can be wiped down and reused. That is not to say that all charcoal models come with a hefty price tag on replacement charcoal filters, some have a very reasonable replacement cost.


Would you do better with an ion or charcoal air purifier? The answer is it depends on your needs. Charcoal purifiers obviously offer the best air cleansing properties with fewer issues, but this comes at a slightly higher cost for replacement filters and/ or charcoal. You will want to assess a charcoal units replacement costs and frequency, which should be listed in the specifications, at least an estimate. Remember too, that the larger the area you are cleansing and the more odors you are battling the more activated charcoal it is going to take!

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