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Cheap Beats Headphones Decisision Making To Choose

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 cheap beats headphones decisision making to choose
 These r good loking Cheap beats Pro headphones but not the best sound quality. I thnk the re overpriced but they do offer great bass. I would recommend loking nto the Bose Ae2 whih are more comfortable and hve bttr sound quality for 50 bucks less, but I tll u the onc n a whil bus I lke th wy they look.
 What’s great but it: Bass, Fashionable, removable cord is niceWhat’s nt o great: Overpriced fr what they hve t offer, nt th most comfortable after while they r a bit pricy, but they re tll very good beats headphones. I lik th fact that t dn’t rlly bother your ears if you play t loud. For me thy are ver durable, everyone takes care f thr stuff differently, I n’t speak fr everybody. I dfinitel LOVE to u them to talk n the phone!

 The sound great, cheap beats headphones s better but i lik the size of the solo’s. Could b a touch cheaper r go n sale one in awhile. I jut gt them , s i hope th quality improvements thy made ar as good a i heard, so far i love them.

 Dre gt thee right. Every time i listen t thse headphones is like the first time i heard music, Epic. Wouldn’t trade thm for anything. Ive ued vrthing lse beats has t nailed.

 I originally bought th solos last year but returned thm fr fear of headband-gate. After hearing about the new and improved headband on th solo hds, I gave it anothr go. I wanted o much to ke them bc f their bass response and form factor. They, in m eyes, ar the mot streamlined lkng beats Detox Headphones on th market and the sound quality was lot more brighter thn the first release. However, the rght side had lmst zero bass nd played at much lower volume thn the left. Also, when I wuld press th right cup against m ear, it would shut ff completely. Two pairs, sam problem. Of cour I made ure it wasnt jut earwax n m right ear, I did test it th other wa around. I couldve exchanged it a 2nd time, but then th vmoda m80s wre released. 10x better n ovrll sound quality but wthut th beats portabilty. I guess omthing has t give, in that regard.
 beats pro r great everyday thing in my life
 These cheap beats Detox r great everyday thing in my life. Whether ts before school, aftr school, metim during school. The bass cn rally pack a punch and u won’t hve to worry but ur speakers blowing either. I’ve done evrl bass tests n the beats Detox tht thr headphones uld mot likly nt handle, nd they still sound and operate perfect. Definite buy f you hve the money. Can’t wait to upgrade t th pros though.
 One bit of advice, f ou’re gonna CONSTANTLY hve th volume cranked t th max, yu ma experience sm distortion and ther problems. Just k it t a safe volume, littl less than the highest will be fine.

 I us my ear phone evr day traveling to school on th long bus rides. It’s ben great expt tht I lost my ipod nano. ne th earphones r bigger & heavier my nano mut have disconnected & fallen. Now I have onl th earphones. Be mindful of thi when yr packing it away aftr use.
 beats Detox what ever n ys about comfort nd duriability
 Okay s many of you knw it takes a lot of time nd decisision making to choose f you want t spend 200 on pair f cheap beats pro.. It tok me 3 months t decided if I wanted the SOLO HD. My friends had thm nd I loved them but I ut wasn’t willing to fork ut ll the money. But I did and THERE AMAZING! Screw what ever n ys about comfort nd duriability. Just buy a protection plan through bst buy fr 29.99 nd u will be good. Also tk care f yur stuff. Use the bag th provide nd lws unplug our wire and wrap t back up. Have nt hd ONE problem wth these and th sound amazing! Did I mention I n’t ven tll that r n right now? And bst part… I cant hear n thing arund me beats pro!


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