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Choosing The Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Home And Family

Essential oils have been gaining notoriety for their therapeutic and medicinal actions, becoming more widely recognized than just little bottles of good smelling liquid. For their medicinal use, they can be ingested (in very tiny amounts, and only with supervision from a health professional!), topically applied, or inhaled. It’s the inhaling part that most folks associate with “aromatherapy”, but its important to see beyond the “spa treatment” image of inhalation of essential oils. This method can really provide therapeutic results, not only in terms of mood and energy, but for the immune system and other physiological activity as well. So which diffuser to use for the most health benefits? Here we’ll investigate the most popular styles, and see what each type offers in terms of therapeutic activity.

 The Science-Proven Health Benefits of Essential Oils

 Those interested in supporting their family’s health through natural means are being drawn toward using essential oils. People are learning that aromatherapy isn’t just about aroma, its about real medicine that works. Even the simple applications are wonderful: diffusing oils in your home can calm the young and the old, and act as natural antidepressants (both scientifically validated actions). The research abstracts available on PubMed.Gov (and elsewhere around the Internet) also note that essential oils can boost the activity of our immune system. Eucalyptus has been shown to actually make our white blood cells more effective and doing their job. Further, many oils have both indirect and direct antiviral effects — they prevent infection of individual cells the oils have come in contact with, and can inactivate the actual viruses as well. (Their anti-bacterial actions are just as impressive). And diffusing essential oils into your environment can help you and your family enjoy all these benefits.

 Choosing A Diffuser For Aromatic Applications

 One of the wonderful aspects of essential oils is that by simply inhaling the aroma, significant changes occur in our body’s physiology. This is because the olfactory sense is the most closely tied of the five senses to your brain. A scent can change the way your body is functioning without you even thinking about it (one study notes over 100 changes to the patterns of RNA transcription from smelling Linalool, the primary relaxing component in Lavender). Smelling certain oils can lower stress, improve mood, calm children, and improve the quality of sleep. And for this type of therapy, ANY diffuser will do the job. The only consideration that really matters here is how large an area you’d like to diffuse the oil into — would you like to smell it from one end of the house to the other, or just in one room.

 Let’s look at the diffuser types, the area they’ll each cover, and a few other useful details if you’re just wanting the wonderful aromatic effects (we’ll get to which one’s are best for more medicinal applications in a moment). The order, from smallest to largest space covered is this: A warming diffuser is good for one small to moderate size room. It plugs in a wall and evaporates the oil from a small pad by heating it gently — it’s completely silent. A fan diffuser, which blows cold air over a pad with oils on it, can cover one large room, and you might here the quiet fan whirring. Then an “ultrasonic nebulizer”, which is essentially a small ultrasonic humidifier adapted to diffuse essential oils. These diffuse in an area from 400 to 700 square feet, and can have electronic accessories like an interval timer (which helps conserve your oils) and cool lighting effects. Finally, there’s the cold-air nebulizers, which make a mist of the pure essential oil without added water. These can cover areas larger than 800 square feet.

 Again, all these diffusers will enable you and your family to benefit from the aromas of essential oils. Typically the more expensive units will have higher outputs, and some will have bells and whistles like built-in timer cycles and lighting effects. Still, you can make your choice purely on the size they’ll cover, or if perhaps you live in a dry environment, the ultrasonic units may be especially attractive. Further, the ultrasonics and the cold-air nebulizers have no pads to replace, which may be another consideration. If you’d like to gain the most benefit from the oils now and in the future, meaning you’d like to maximize your immune function and clean the air in your environment, it then becomes important to consider the actual concentration of essential oil being output.

 A cold air nebulizing diffuser (note, not an “ultrasonic nebulizer”) is the most powerful diffuser available, and will address every possible application of essential oils you may ever have. The reason is this: the nebulizer make very, very tiny droplets of your oils — so small that it forms a cloud of the oil within its glass chamber. The air is so dense with essential oil that you can actually see it. Now, you won’t see it like this once its emitted several inches away from the diffuser, but you can be sure there’s still a high concentration of oil in the air. And for those times of the year when children are bringing home one cold after another, or the flu is going around at work, the nebulizing diffuser will offer the best available protection from aromatherapy.

 Getting The Most Out Of Your Essential Oils

 With any diffuser, its important to note that your nose will stop working before the diffuser does! Really, after a short while of diffusing the same aroma, one’s smell scent becomes accustom to it and you’ll no longer know its there — but someone just walking in the room will be able to detect it. To prevent this, and use as little essential oil as possible for the greatest aromatic effect, its best to run your diffuser only a few minutes every hour. Find the on/off cycle that’s best for you, where you’re smelling the aroma the most and using the least amount of oil. A timer, readily available at hardware stores, can help. Note that this isn’t of concern when using the diffuser for immune function support — running the diffuser all the time is fine. At the same time, essential oils are known for working in very small amounts, so by being a bit conservative, you’ll probably use just the right amount!


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