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Cleanse your body from inside Get a foot detox

According to a story, more than about 1600 years ago, a group of monks were on their way to the mountains when they felt tired and wanted to rest and also, it was winter so the weather was chilly. While resting they found a hot water spring where they washed and dipped their feet for some hours. The next day, their pain and swelling was alleviated and also, they felt full of energy and totally relaxed. This was, perhaps, the first incident that can be termed as a type of foot detox. Although now, the process has completely changed and has become much more advanced; more or less, the detox process was started many centuries ago in a similar fashion. The early Greeks and Romans used foot detoxification process as a method to get rid of the impurities in the body and for overall well being. >
Detoxification process with a foot Spa

 A foot spa, also known as foot bath, is a process in which, you remove the toxins from your body with the help of a process called electrolysis. In this process, you need to put your feet in a tub filled with lukewarm water and a ionised formula of salts is put into the water in a powdered form. This starts the process of electrolysis. The ions enter your body through the nerve endings and pores located in your legs and feet. They enter your body and flush out all the harmful toxins and waste materials through the pores and nerve endings. You can actually see the colour of the water changing to yellow and brown when the toxins react with the ions in the water. This way, your body is cleansed and you feel better in health.

Benefits you get with a detox

 The first and foremost benefit that a foot detox gives you is that of relaxation, rejuvenation and relief from pain and swelling in the legs. Other benefits of a foot detox is that it gives you relief from stress and fatigue. It is known that regular foot detox can help you stay away and treat problems such as neuralgia, rheumatism, haemorrhoids, frostbite, allergies, insomnia and headaches. It is said that if you take a detox regularly, you can stay away from various health problems and can promote overall well being. 

Detox salons

 As it is widely known that foot detoxification is indeed very important and everyone should do it once or twice a year, even more, a number of detox salons have opened up worldwide. These salons give you detox spa facilities with the use of detox spa devices. But, going for salon detox every time becomes cumbersome, time consuming and expensive, it is always best to buy a foot detox spa for yourself. With the help of a portable, home-use detox spa, you can start a detoxification process whenever you want and feel at the best of your health. The Bioenergizer Detox Foot Spa device is an easy-to-use, portable and effective detox spa that is widely used, by individuals and by salons for detoxification.

 For overall benefits, medical practitioners advice and recommend that you should have a detox done. So that all the harmful wastes that get accumulated in your body get flushed away and you can start leading a healthy and comfortable life. Only cleansing your body from outside with a bath is not enough, your body should be regularly cleansed from the inside too, this purpose is served by the popular and effective foot detox spas.


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