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Cleansing from the Inside Out

Spring cleaning for your home seems to be a commonplace occurrence in most homes, but spring cleaning for your body? Even the masterpiece that is your body needs some help once in a while to clear out some unhealthy toxins that may have accumulated due to stress, illness, or poor diet choices. But with all of the choices you have, how do you choose the best total body cleanse for your unique needs?

 All about natural detoxification

 If you’re not interested in taking high priced supplements or buying expensive machines, you may want to consider natural detoxification first. This method relies on your willpower and your ability to change the way you eat and live, so it’s not necessarily easy, but it certainly works.

 The natural detoxification plan:

  *  Get rid of any processed or preservative laden foods

  *  Buy organic produce and whole grains

  *  Get rid of any meat, fish, or dairy products

  *  Get access to pure filtered water

  *  Avoid caffeine, sugar, tobacco, alcohol, illegal
 drugs, etc.

 In short, this natural detoxification plan relies on making good choices for your eating plan which then allows your body to function at its maximum capacity. While this total body cleansing can be difficult in the first few days, you will notice an immediate increase in your energy as well as in your digestion.

 A whole body cleanse

 Of course, you can also follow the natural detoxification plan as well as add some other supplements to rid your body of chemicals and toxins even more rapidly. Things like dandelion root and goldenseal are good to start, but adding more fiber, as found in psyllium husk capsules can also expedite the cleansing process. This whole body cleanse routine will require a lot of water to make sure that the fiber is moving along in the digestive tract. It can also help to limit the activities that you’re doing during this time as well as to get a lot of rest.

 Other options to consider

 Another idea for those who want a total body cleanse, but don’t necessarily want to change their whole life is the Ioncleanse and Q2 systems.
 The Ioncleanse body cleansing system works with positive and negative ions to draw out impurities that are in your body. Using water to draw out these impurities, you will feel more energized, healthy, and you will be pleased to see how much your mood has improved each day.

 With the Ioncleanse, you will receive extra benefits including help when you need it from customer service, years of testing and research, and the ability to switch between positive and negative ions, which will help purify your body even more.

 The Q2 system uses the idea of BEFE technology or bioelectric field enhancement to help balance the ions in the body in order to restore proper body function and health. All you need to do for this total body cleansing system is to place your feet in a specially designed foot bath for about a half an hour every few days.

 The gentle currents in the water will help both of these systems rebalance your negative ions as well as introduce positive ions. By creating this balance, your body will be able to release toxins and chemicals into the water, causing it to change color in some cases.

 No matter how you choose to ‘spring clean’ your body, the fact remains that you should. Even though our bodies are designed to handle a lot, the truth is that we are exposed to more chemicals and stresses than even nature intended.
 This article was written by Dr. Robert Fleishmann, a board-certified neurologist and specialist in total mind body wellness, and consultant for A Major Difference – makers of the Original IonCleanse , Light Rejuvenizers, and Body Clensing Products.

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