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Cleansing Your Body For Acid Alkaline Balance

Until relatively recently, humans were hunter-gatherers. In ancient times, their diets were made up of 55% lean, free-roaming animals and fish along with 45% raw vegetables and fruits. This balance provided our predecessors with healthy fats and protein from the animals and leaves, roots, seeds, tubers, fruit, stalks and leaves from the plants.

It wasn’t until about 7,000 to 10,000 years ago that we began to consume cow’s milk and grains. More recently, highly processed foods entered the scene. Evolutionarily speaking, this is not enough time for our bodies to adapt genetically to the shift in diet. Over the last 50 years, the market has flooded with convenience foods that are devoid of nutrition and high in harmful saturated fats.

Along with the shift in diet has come the increase of acid in our bodies. We are not eating enough of the right foods to keep our acid alkaline balance in check. High acid content in our systems create an environment that cannot ward off inflammation or disease. We need to consume a minimum of 35% of our daily calories in the form of raw fruits and vegetables in order to maintain proper acid alkaline balance. Nutrient-poor foods need to be reduced in order to bring down the acid levels in our systems. Foods that are high-glycemic should be eaten on a limited basis.

Vegetables and lean protein provide nutrient content that these foods lack. Over the long-term, our health can be compromised when our bodies are consistently out of pH balance. With a system that is more acidic, there is a heightened risk that we will develop illness such as heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, weak muscles and cancer.

It is possible to shift the balance in our systems by consuming more alkaline producing foods. Mother always said to eat your fruits and vegetables. And, she was right! It is really no mystery that a diet concentrated with organic vegetables and fruits will detox cleanse your body and help you to maintain long term health.

Foods that produce acid, like processed, packaged foods, will deplete the mineral content in our bodies. Our kidneys are responsible for balancing the fluids and maintaining a neutral pH balance in our bodies. When we digest foods, they are sent to the kidneys for processing. When we introduce too many foods that yield acid, we will reduce the balance of the pH in our bodies.

The kidney’s job is to filter the acid as it comes through. If we are too acidic, our bones release calcium and magnesium in an attempt to reestablish proper alkalinity. Our muscles are then prompted to break down to make ammonia, which is highly alkaline.

As a result, our muscle and bones excrete minerals into our urine. When this process recurs over the long term, excesses in acid levels lead to lower muscle mass and thinning to our bones. Normal aging prompts these breakdowns. When they are exacerbated by high acid levels, the ramifications of calcium and magnesium deficiencies can be devastating.

It is simple to test your pH. Testing strips can be found in drug stores and health food stores. The strips will typically supply a scale ranging from 4.6 to 8. When your urine or saliva tests in the lower portion of the scale, you are overly acidic. A higher number shows more of a balance. Ideally, you should be in the 7.0 – 7.5 range on the scale. Read the package insert for complete instructions on using the strips.

Cleanse your body naturally by improving your intake of fruits and vegetables and decreasing processed foods. You will create a more alkaline environment in your system in the process.

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