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colon cleanse and liver detox

1)Do you know How to Detox the Liver & Colon

How to Detox the Liver & Colon

Cleansing the liver and the colon is a step towards improving two of the most important elimination processes in your body. The colon absorbs water and minerals and releases fecal matter. When the bowel muscles retain this fecal matter you are experiencing constipation, reads the book “The New Holistic Herbal” by herbalist David Hoffmann, (See Reference 1) and this can cause toxicity in the body. A healthy liver removes waste from the blood, according to the Mayo Clinic. (See Reference 2) With a combination of laxative and choalogogue herbs, you can successfully cleanse your liver and your colon. Always consult a medical practitioner if you are under medical treatment, before engaging in taking herbal remedies.

Step 1

Bring a cup of filtered water to a boil in a medium size pot.

Step 2

Add a tea bag of organic senna leaves and 1 tsp. of freshly chopped organic ginger and cover with a lid for 5 to 10 minutes. Senna is a laxative herb, which according to acupuncturist Michael Tierra in his book “The Way of Herbs,” (See Reference 3) increases intestinal peristaltic movements. Ginger is a good ally for this laxative herb, since it is a carminative. According to the book “The Dictionary of Modern Herbalism” by Simon Mills, (See Reference 4) carminative herbs ease flatulence and colic in the intestines.

Step 3

Strain out the plant material and add honey if you desire.

Step 4

Drink your senna and ginger tea before bedtime, in order to have the effects of senna happen first thing int he morning. It usually takes senna’s laxative properties 8 to 10 hours to prompt the colon to eliminate waste material.

Step 5

Add 2 to 3 droppersful or 30 to 60 drops of dandelion root tincture to a glass of water and drink without sweetening, first thing in the morning. The bitter taste of dandelion is what makes this herb a cholagogue, which according the book “Making Plant Medicine” by Richo Cech helps cleanse the liver by promoting the secretion of bile.

Step 6

Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day during your liver and colon cleanse in order to help the body eliminate toxic waste.

Step 7

Repeat the steps for a week and eat easy to digest food in order to allow the colon to fully cleanse.

Product Information

From the manufacturer:

Perfectly balanced for internal cleansing and detoxification.**

Featuring milk thistle, aloe & more

This product is specially designed to promote deep internal cleansing.** By supporting key detoxification systems within the body, this powerful formula can help to lighten your toxin load.**

About Puritan’s Pride

For more than 40 years, Puritan’s Pride has helped families achieve a lifestyle of wellness. Our vitamins and supplements are made with care from the highest quality ingredients. They are tested or inspected as many as 15 times throughout the manufacturing process. That’s why you can shop with confidence. We take pride in our products and helping customers feel their best.

3)Review for colon cleanse and liver detox

1 Totally WORTH IT !!

I don’t take these everyday…unless I feel backed up or my diet has been out of control. I normally take these about one time during each month…..2 pills…for about 3-5 days….its my little cleansing regimen for the month. I have a balanced diet of greens, protein’s, fruits…therefore, don’t feel a dire need to use these everyday…but if you do…its great and there’s no pain or discomfort to go with these. I have my yogurt with Probiotics every nite as a way to daily cleanse and help my digestion. I just went on vacation and ate all sorts of different cuisines….therefore doing my monthly cleansing routine now 🙂 good luck….you’ll be happy you invested in these!!

2 great product

Is a great product- works exactly as written -will definitely order again

3 Good product

I take two capsules once a day at bedtime. They have worked really well so far. I make sure to take a probiotic and drink lots of fluids though. Definitely helping to flush out my system naturally.

4 birth defect chemical

Does any one know which State of California Prop 65 birth defect chemical is in the well roots Colon Cleanse & Liver Detox dietary supplement. The bottle has a warning but does not state the chemical??

5 Aloe

Aloe is the said “chemical” that the warning label is referencing

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4)Product Video for  it.

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