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Comparing Levels Of Addiction Treatment

Prior to admission to a drug rehab or The following are different care levels: Brief Intervention and Therapy

This is a course of treatment which is typically very brief, but can be very effective. For example simply going to an assessment to learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Someone who racks up their first DUI while on a holiday binge but does not have an established pattern of abuse is a good candidate for this treatment level. It is usually a short alcohol education course. Detoxification

Detox is not actual addiction treatment as such. The objective here is to provide a safe environment for an intoxicated person to return to normalcy. When the patient is no longer intoxicated and deemed safe, they are released. For acute and long term cases of addiction, medically supervised detox is strongly recommended, since there is the risk of seizures. Detoxification is usually a requirement for entering an addiction treatment program.

Outpatient Services Out-patient programs are non-residential treatment, generally consisting of attendance to group therapy sessions, possibly in addition to individual therapy sessions. A major benefit is that these programs are less costly than residential treatment.Outpatient level of care is less intensive and restrictive than inpatient care. Intensive Outpatient Program

As with out patient care this is not residential but as the name implies, much more intensive treatment. 14-20 hours a week of both group and individual therapy weekly can be expected at this level. Often, IOP programs are used as a follow up to inpatient treatment, allowing home residence while maintaining a high level of treatment.

Residential Treatment This is the treatment center you pack up and leave home to attend. Residential treatment is living away from home, usually lasting anywhere between a month and a year. This treatment level is generally the most comprehensive and intense. Inpatient treatment facilities can generally address other issues associated with chronic alcohol and drug use, including mental, physical and emotional problems.

I freely admit that as an addiction counselor, I am not an unbiased observer. I recommend the highest level of care possible that fit the diagnosis chemically dependent. It is much wiser not to underestimate the problem.On the other hand, I do understand that inpatient treatment can be expensive, but what is a life worth?.

The important thing is to get a proper assessment so you can be matched to an appropriate level of care and addiction treatment program.

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