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Day Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Total Body Juice Detox

Fresh Juice Cleanse

 It is so easy for our bodies to be overcome with toxins from the chemicals in our environment and from processed foods we eat. Even vegetarians or vegans are subject to toxic build-up in their bodies. This leads to energy loss, a slowed metabolism, weight gain and even sore and achy feeling. You can also experience emotional irritability and anxiety. These are symptoms of excess body toxins that can build up and lead to more serious illness unless you cleanse yourself. A 3 day fruit and vegetable total body juice detox could be the answer for you.

 You Need These for Your Total Body Juice Cleanse.

 All you need is fresh fruit and vegetables (preferably organic), a juice extractor, and the desire cleanse and energize your body to do a 3 day juice cleanse. A fresh juice fast is an aggressive approach in which you refrain from eating any solid foods for three days. You can choose a less aggressive approach and eat simply fresh fruit and vegetables while drinking 3 or more glasses of fresh juice throughout the day. Choose either method for at least 3 days. Drink plenty of water when cleansing as it is necessary to flush toxins from your body.

 Which Fruit and Vegetables are Best to Juice.

 Many experts tout the benefits of certain fruit and vegetables over others. But in reality they all have special benefits the are different one from another. It is more important to choose a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, organic if possible. It is easy to choose variety by adding all the color groups fruit and vegetables come in. Your body is maintained and rebuilt continually at a cellular level from the foods you eat. If you put toxic junk in and avoid adding the foods that God created us to eat then the only possible outcome is disease and deterioration. We were created to eat foods as: fresh, raw and organic fruit and vegetables, whole grains, raw nuts and beans. Foods to be avoided are: meat, especially pork and beef, alcoholic beverages (including wine), and anything processed, refined and prepackaged. These foods have a very toxic affect on the body, mind and emotions. Though this is only a 3 day juice cleanse or total body detox, it really should be a way of life. You should thoroughly cleanse and detoxify your system at least once every 3 months. Do this even if you eat a healthy diet regularly. The juice not only cleanses the toxic build up from unhealthy foods, but also the polluted air and even the toxic chemicals that you apply topically to your bodies seep into our systems.

 After the 3 Day Fruit and Vegetable Cleanse.

 After doing your cleanse, continue to keep your body, mind and spirit well nourished by including fresh homemade juices in your daily diet. Continue to avoid the foods listed above. You will find that such a routine greatly supports and enhances your physical, mental and spiritual lives by keeping you energized, your mind at peace with a positive mood connected to God and this world.


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