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Deep Wrinkles – Home and Ayurvedic Remedies- Dietary Guidelines

Your diet must be balanced. Do not lean on an excess of any one type of food. As you grow older, you must cut down on the amount of food you eat, but must eat only natural foods, with minimal oil and spices. You must have a good amount of fruits in your daily consumption.

 General Tips for Preventing Wrinkles

The following are some tips and pointers to avoid early wrinkles on the face: –

1.Avoid sleeping on the side or the belly. If the face is in constant contact with the pillow, chances are that it will develop wrinkles soon. Hence, you must make a habit of sleeping on your belly.

2.Do not expose yourself too much to the sun. That can also cause wrinkles early on.

3.Protect your eyes at all times from direct sunlight. This will make your eyes strain, developing crows?feet around them. Crows?feet are the precursors of wrinkles.

4.Remaining stress free is very important, because stress can cause wrinkles easily. Keep your mind free through yogic therapies. Begin your day with yoga, and practice it for at least half an hour each day.

5.It has also been found that smokers get wrinkles must faster than nonsmokers. Hence, smoking must be avoided. The same can be said about alcoholism. When one consumes alcohol, the face puffs up. As it returns back to normal, the skin becomes loosened, developing wrinkles in the long run.

6.Be careful when you enroll in weight loss programs. Sudden weight loss leads to wrinkles on the skin.

7.When washing your face, never rub too hard. Do not use strong soaps. Use lime soap if available. This must be done from early youth. Lime soaps will also take care of pimples, blackheads and other facial problems. Also, you must not wash your face with warm water. Use water that is at normal temperature.

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