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Dental Bleaching-remedy for yellow teeth

Dental bleaching is more related to cosmetic dentistry. As a child, deciduous teeth are white and shiny, but as an adult, teeth get darker or yellow in color due to change in teeth mineral structure. This is because the teeth get porous.

 Several factors contribute to yellowing or staining of teeth: food-stuffs, bacterial pigmentation, and smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking ?all contribute to teeth-pigmentation. Coffee, teas, red wine are dark-colored fluids that are major factors contributing to the yellowing of teeth.

 As the pigmentation gets harder, teeth starts yellowing and even after intense cleaning, teeth do not whiten. The only solution is teeth whitening.

 Dental Bleaching is associated with whitening of teeth with chemicals. There are many methods of teeth bleaching ?bleaching pen, bleaching gel, bleaching strips, etc. Laser bleaching and natural bleaching is also done on teeth. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is the two main bleaching agents used in teeth whitening.

 Dental bleaching in Mumbai is very common, because it boosts up confidence. People are aware of their identity and want to improve upon it, regularly. More and more people are getting conscious about their appearances.

 Laser treatment whitens the teeth through light-effects. Bleaching agents treat the outer porous enamel and the middle layer to whiten the teeth for longer periods. Teeth that are prone to dark fluids start yellowing within the short time. They have to be cared for to retain their color.

 In case the dentin is affected, then tooth colored filling is applied and laser treatment is done to make it look white and natural. A veneer also masks teeth discoloration.

 Affordable dental bleaching in Mumbai aims at treating the discolored teeth of the people and turns them into whiter, shinier smile. Dental bleaching can be done at home, but for the first timers, it is preferable to go for in-office procedure.

 Gel-bleaching is most common amongst in-office and at-home bleaching. Affordable dental bleaching is done by applying high concentration of carbamide peroxide to the teeth for a specified period of time. The result is teeth whitening for a radiating smile.

 Dental bleaching in Mumbai is done through Laser Bleaching also. It is a sort of power bleaching where light energy accelerates the process of bleaching in a dental care center Mumbai. It is affordable and result-oriented.

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