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Detox and You What Have You Heard

Detox and You: What Have You Heard?
 It seems that no matter where you turn these days, someone is talking about health care.Whether it’s the overall construction of the system or simply the idea that people need to focus on their health more, health is always in the news. But with all of the news reports that seem to contradict the findings from the day before, how can you know what truth is really, well, true? What you want to do is look to the past to see how to shape your future and that means looking into a whole body detox.
 Getting rid of the bad stuff to make way for the good
 The idea of a whole body detox is nothing new in some religious circles. By fasting before a religious rite, some groups believed they could be more open to receiving spiritual guidance. But the idea of a total body detox for health is something that can also be seen in history. Medicine men and women understood that germs in the body needed to be removed somehow and if that meant finding a way to remove them, then that’s what they did. Often in the form of poisonous or noxious plants, the total body detoxification would take place over hours or days, resulting in some uncomfortable digestive maladies for the patient.

 But did it work? That’s really the question. It’s no secret that our bodies are designed to remove any wastes, toxins, or poisons when they are identified. This is why we have the functions of vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, urination, and defecation. In most cases, we’re able to remove any toxins without much trouble. But when our bodies are tired and unable to excrete the toxins as effectively as they can, we begin to need a total body detox program.
 Changing what you eat
 Instead of chewing on poisonous plants though, we can change the foods we eat in order to help our bodies have an easier time processing toxins. By simply taking away any chemical laden foods, caffeine, sugars, and excess fats, our bodies will be able to digest more easily, leaving that energy for other excretion processes. Drinking a lot of water can also help this total body detoxification process.
 Adding technology to the picture
 But there are even simpler ways to detox your body without changing your life. The idea of an ionic foot cleanse is something that’s recently come into favor in health-concerned groups. By rebalancing the distribution of ions in the body, the body can be more balanced and more energetic. This allows the body to cleanse itself in that ionic foot bath as well as increase other excretion responses. You can find an ionic foot cleanse system or an ionic foot bath, such as the Ioncleanse, through many online sources and health system retailers.

 In the end, the best detox program for you is the one that you will follow. And while dietary changes are always the best advice, using an ionic foot cleanse system is certainly a step in the right direction.
 This article was written by Dr. Robert Fleishmann, a board-certified neurologist and specialist in total mind body wellness, and consultant for A Major Difference – makers of the Original IonCleanse , Light Rejuvenizers, and Body Clensing Products.

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