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Detox Cleanse Faq’s

If you spend time cleaning your house, your car and the outer part of your body, why not clean the inner portion of your body as well??A detox cleanse is an effective way to cleanse your body from the inside out.?Here are a few frequently asked questions about it.??br />
 What are the benefits?
 Think of detoxifying as a jump start for your body after a long period of inactivity.?Although your body has been far from inactive, it has been functioning at a lower level of performance because of the toxins it has accumulated.?A detox cleanse will purge your system, clearing out unwanted and unusable substances. It has been said that it can reduce chronic sickness and boost your immune system and energy level.

 When is the best time to do it?
 Your body detoxifies naturally every single day through your organs like the liver, kidney and colon.?However, when you feel like your energy is running low or that you feel congested because of eating the wrong amount or wrong type of food, or you are taking medications, weekly detoxification is recommended. Any time of the week is a good time to detoxify.?However, weekends are usually ideal because most people don’t have to go to school or work during this time of the week.?br />
 How is it done?
 Detoxification can be done by fasting cleanses, organic food cleanses, supplements, and colonic irrigation.?Fasting cleanses may involve eliminating solids from your diet for a period of 3 to 10 days.?This should not be done abruptly.?The body has to get used to eating only fresh fruits and vegetables prior to starting a liquid diet.?Plenty of liquids should be taken during the actual detox cleanse.?An organic cleanse, on the other hand, involves eating only organic food.?Supplements usually aid organic food cleanses to hasten the removal of toxins.?Lastly, colonic irrigation has something to do with flushing fluids through the rectum similar to an enema.

 Whichever detox cleanse you choose, be sure to follow expert medical advice and reintroduce regular food slowly after the procedure.?

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