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Detox Defined

Detoxification is a hot topic these days, with the term being tossed around from a plethora of alternative medicine essays and ads for various diets and medications for everything from hemorrhoids to headaches. However, before you go spending a lot of money on detoxification products, it may help to figure out exactly what detoxification is and if you need it. After all, if you don’t, you may spend a lot of time and money on something that at best doesn’t work, and at worst is actually bad for you.

 When you look at the core definition, detoxification is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism. These days, the term is most often used in reference to the human body, but this definition applies to any given living organism. Detoxification can also refer to a period of withdrawal during which an animal returns to a healthy and normal state after stopping use of an addictive substance. Detoxification is often achieved medicinally by decontamination of poison ingestion and the use of antidotes. Dialysis might be a detoxification option in certain very severe cases.
 There are a huge number of detoxification methods out there. Naturally, a few select detox methods are better than others. For example, excessive sweating is often caused by the buildup of perfumes, dyes, and antiperspirant chemicals in the sweat glands. Skin detoxification is meant to cleanse the sweat glands of all of these chemicals and let the sweat glands work normally again.

 In the vast majority of cases, real detoxification will be aimed at a specific toxin with a specific name. For example, if you eat too much fish with excessive amounts of mercury and lead, then you might require detoxification therapy to get rid of the heavy metals that have permeated your liver and your metabolic systems. In the skin detoxification example mentioned above, you use specific skin cleansing techniques to get rid of particular chemicals that build up over time from skin care products and antiperspirants. That being said, random toxins don’t just build up in your body since your liver and kidneys do a fine job of filtering them out and excreting them.

 One of the more common detoxification diets out there is the colon cleansing diet. A colon cleansing diet can often help you to feel better quickly, but not because it’s removing toxins. Instead, the colon cleansing diet often adds a lot of fiber to the diet which helps the gastrointestinal system function better, which will naturally make you feel better. Many of the detoxification products out there work on the same principle of making you feel “better” while not really doing anything. There are some detoxification products that use high levels of niacin to produce hot flushes and a feeling of euphoria that will convince you that toxins are really leaving your system.

 Whenever you’re tempted to try detoxification, it’s important to figure out why. Do you have a specific symptom, like excessive sweating or even excessive tiredness? If so, then get as much good information as you can on how to treat that specific thing. If you believe that you’re just feeling run down, then a doctor’s appointment is probably the best idea. You may be missing vital nutrients for some reason. However, avoid the fad detoxification diets and pills. At best they do no good, and at worst they can do you active harm. To find out more about detox and hemorrhoids and skin detox visit us today.

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