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Detox Diets, What Are They and Can They Help

While searching for help in cleaning out your body’s toxins and waste products, you will come across the phrase ‘detox diets’ many times. The reality of most of these diets is, at best, respite from symptoms and existing conditions and, at worst, no change at all and, possibly, a worse state of health than before. The need for personal empowerment around this subject is the only way to counteract the hype surrounding some of these ‘systems’. By discussing what it means to ‘detox’ we can educate ourselves and allow a process of informed choice when deciding what route to follow to a cleaner body.

The phrase ‘detox diet’ is an abbreviated version of two very important concepts that have become corrupted in the world health and nutrition. Let’s look at the meaning and derivation of each word to understand the phrase and therefore the process itself.

Detoxification is the full form of the word ‘detox’ and, when used correctly, has become a simpler and more modern form of the word. The process of detoxifying anything is defined as the process of eliminating or removing toxins and waste from the subject and in respect of a human body we apply this process toward the cleaning the body’s various systems to promote a better sense of health, energy and wellbeing.

The word ‘diet’ has also been over used and corrupted. In itself it only refers to what a person or animal usually eats and drinks. It has no immediate relevance to losing weight and, when appended to another descriptive word such as detoxification, it then becomes the definition of a schedule of eating and drinking that promotes the removal of toxins from the body. It would do this by defining the type, and amount, of food and drink to be consumed in the ‘detox diet program’.

With this understanding of the component parts of the phrase ‘detox diets’ we start to see that anything from drinking more water to a full ‘fast’ are equally capable of producing a detoxifying benefit. The reality is that not every ‘detox diet’ will be right for everyone who wishes to detoxify in some way.

The body has so many waste removal systems that can become clogged, sluggish and backed up. Each of these systems will manifest an outward symptom that can indicate which systems need cleansing. For instance the skin will produce spots with white heads when toxins cannot be removed from the body by other means. The dark bags under the eyes can mean anything from a lack of sleep to lack of water. Aching joints can mean a build up of toxins in the soft tissues. None of these symptoms are definitive I might add and if you experience any of these conditions to the point of personal anxiety then always consult your doctor for more information.

Before deciding to follow any new food and drink routine we owe it to ourselves to understand two things.

The first is to correctly identify the problems to be solved. For instance are you lacking in energy or are you unfit for your size and weight? Is your disrupted sleep coming from drinking too much caffeine or from stress and worry regarding the status of particular situations in your life? Is the condition of your skin related to the quality of your diet or simply a lack of adequate water intake? By taking the time to define your own situation you empower yourself and can then request the help you require from the many options available.

The second is to research the sort of help that you require. There are many avenues you can explore to help you understand the sort of help you need, from doctors, nutritionalists and allergy testing to more holistic practitioners such as acupuncturists, applied kinesiology practitioners and Raw Food Coaches. More often than not the experts you will come across will be knowledgeable, highly trained and want to provide you with the best information they can.

Armed with this type of information you can enter the ‘detox diets’ arena with specific and personal information that will help you narrow your options to a more manageable range of choice. This can help reduce the risk of entering into a regime that is unwise for you and your situation.

There is no doubt in my mind that when the body starts to fail due to overload of toxins and sluggish waste removal some sort of detoxification process is necessary and inevitable. How you go about achieving this process is as unique as you are. Take a considered and knowledgeable stance and the outcome can be life changing and remarkable.

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