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Detox Food What You Should Be Eating

Innate in the design of the body is its natural capability to ward off toxins using its instinctive detox systems which include sweating and expelling of chemicals through urine and bowel movement. These reactions are initiated by the liver, the heart of natural body detoxification. When the liver gets impaired in the long run, it can only do so much. Thus, it needs every help it can get. This is where the detox food comes in handy.

Detox Diet Plans

Some may find diet plans quite overrated but mind you, they do work. These plans come with unique packages of detox food that promise you full body cleansing.

They lead you to the right direction in your detoxification program. As for your nutritional concerns, stay assured that before these plans were formulated, the nutritional value of the detox food have all been well considered. With so many diet plans and mix of detox food to choose from, it would take certainly awhile to fully discover which among these plans work best for you.

The Recommended Detox Food

To elude the dilemma of figuring out what plan works to your advantage and which offer the detox food that tickles your taste buds, here are some samples of effective detox food:

Leafy Cruciferous Vegetables

The most suggested greens are brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, watercress, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, kale and bok choy. You can chew on these for snacks such as broccoli dipped in salsa, or perhaps recreate them like:

roasting Brussel sprouts
using steamed kale as special toppings to pizza
steaming collar beans with brown rice and black-eyed peas as a hearty meal

Garlic and Onions These two show a lot of potential as remedies to systemic infections and even aid to serious problems. With these, you can

whip up a Italian salad delight using organic mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, sliced onions and dressed with olive oil
Simply saut garlic with steamed spinach and some fresh lemon juice.

Turmeric Rich in Southeast Asia, turmeric has a spicy and bitter taste with a hint of ginger and orange smell. It is best used:

in curry
as a complement flavoring to lentils (another detox food)
as an added tang in sauted apples or onions, and steamed cauliflower or green beans.

Whole Grains Whole grains come with a lot of healthy benefits. You can have a:

classic breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal
an energetic meal of sushi rolls using brown rice
a pilaf using a mix of sauted mushrooms and cooked barley
a nice rice pudding combining brown rice


These include blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. You can put these atop your oatmeal or make these your main smoothie recipe.

Green Tea

You can either drink this straight up or you can mix this in cooking by substituting water with green tea.

Red Grapes

You can munch on these especially when frozen or use this to decorate your chicken, tuna, or pecans and greens salad.


You can toy with this nutritious delight as part of your parfaits, or as a dip to your raw vegetables snacks. Soy Incorporate this to your cooking and make this a part of your soups and stews, or use unsweetened soymilk instead of cow’s milk as smoothies, on cereal or as beverage.

Legumes, nuts and seeds

These include lentils, beans, peas, various nuts, seeds and legumes. You can decorate your recipe and salad by sprinkling different nuts, or make a burrito out of various beans, or mix cooked chopped peppers (sweet) and lentils together. These detox food topped among the list. Thus, it is perhaps safe to say you can commit to this diet without fearing the nutritional deficiency issues surrounding it.

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