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Detox Foot Bath Review

One of the health fads that we are seeing everywhere is detox. The purpose of this article is to take a closer look at detox, and more specifically detoxification through your feet. Why should we detox, is it really necessary? How can foot detox help me?

Let’s start out talking about detox in general. Many health specialists have shown that our bodies take in toxins from the harsh environments that we live in. If we want to achieve our optimal health, we must assist our bodies in clearing these toxins. We all know that there are things that we can do to help improve our health, and one of the best ways to cleanse is by using a detox foot bath.

So, why is there so much focus on our feet? The reason that many people prefer to detox through their feet is because it is one of the most effective ways to cleanse your body of toxins. A detox foot bath is not a silly little massaging bucket that we use to pamper our toes… it is actually a bath that uses new-age technology to draw out toxins through your reflexology points in the arch of your foot.

The detox foot bath sends a very small electric current into the water. You will not get hurt from the electric current, because it is very safe. The reason to use this electric current in the water is because it positively charges the ions in the water, which react with the negative toxins in your body to gently draw them out through your pores.

Removing the toxins from your body does many things, including: boosting your immune system, removing heavy metals that have accumulated, and clearing the blockages in your lymphatic system. Your body’s pH levels are increased slightly so that your natural cleansing systems can work at their optimal level to clear our those harmful toxins. You will feel more energized, your chronic pain my be lessened, and your overall health will improve.

Detox foot baths implement an innovative technology to cleanse your body and improve your health. Using a detox foot bath from the comfort of your own home will give you the time to relax and improve your health simultaneously.

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