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Detox Foot Spa – Detoxifies you body providing additional health benefits

Your body needs to go through a regular detoxification process. Why you might ask? The reason is very simple and very obvious. Your body takes in a large amount of potentially harmful toxins, day in and day out. Studies indicate that on an average, over the course of year, a person can consume almost 5 kilograms worth of additives that might be harmful for his/her body. Your body is therefore vulnerable and must be protected. Devices like the detox foot spa help you do just that.  >
The detoxification process during a foot spa

Foot spa brings about detoxification through a revolutionary process that uses electrolysis to improve the overall health of your body. This process of detoxification stimulates three vital body components including tissues, organs and the various bodily systems. This preps them up to carry out their natural detoxifying process in a more efficient manner. 

An electromagnetic field is created in the water in the foot spa bowl. This field is created by using a coil array. The electromagnetic field created thus helps in drawing out various toxins and heavy metals from your body into the foot spa bath. The process of detoxification rebalances the positive and negative ions that are a part of your body cells. This establishes the equilibrium in the cells, which leads to a balancing of the bodys bio energy. This process ensures the re-hydration of the cells of your body. A hydrated cell works better than a dehydrated cell. Hydration of the cells helps increase their functionality, which in turn helps them dispose of toxins and pollutants better from your body. 

Benefits of the detox foot spa

A detox foot spa helps you experience all the benefits of a spa, and that too in the comfort of your own home. The use of the detox foot spa takes away the need for those expensive spa treatments that cost a pretty packet. Also, with the detox foot spa you are a master of your own time. You can get your own spa treatment, right in your home, and in your own time. You dont need to take an appointment. The other benefit of the detox foot spa is that it stimulates and balances your body quickly and effectively. By getting rid of all the toxins and pollutants from your body the detox foot spa goes a long way in improving your day to day body health. This enhances the overall functionality of your body making you feel fresh and reinvigorated. You can tackle your daily routine with renewed vigour. 

If you have bad skin or a poor skin tone and texture, the use of the detox foot spa can help. The regular use of the foot spa has also seen to help people with colds, flu, and sinus problems. With the accumulation of pollutants in your body, you become more prone to feeling lethargic and tired. Using a detox foot spa can get you rid of this lethargy and tiredness. Additionally, the spa treatment also acts against bad breath, body odour, headaches and migraines. 

Any side effects 

You might experience mild headaches or flu like symptoms when you use the detox foot spa. One of the ways, which will help you prevent such side effects, is by drinking lots of water before and after the treatment. Apart from helping with your side effects, drinking plenty of water will also help facilitate the process of detoxification. 

The use of the detox foot spa is becoming very popular on account of its easy functionality as well as its refreshing approach to detoxification. There are a variety of options available for your benefit; choose the one that best suits your needs, requirement, and your pocket. 


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