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Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work?

Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work?


Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work

Through the Life Detoxify Health device, water is broken down into many energy ions (positive and negative), and these active energy ions permeate the body through capillaries and cell membranes, thus providing the body with negative ions.

Through a complex biochemical reaction, the positive and negative ions in the body release high energy, increase cellular activity, promote the production of various enzymes (fermentation) and improve the metabolic function of the body’s various excretory organs to speed up metabolism.

Simply immerse the reusable activation array (included) in a bathtub or sink containing ordinary tap water, turn on the device, and

Place the included wrist strap on your wrist and then submerge your feet in the ionized water generated. This machine uses electric current

Breaks down the soaking water into a large number of positive or negative energy ions. This process is also known as

Electrolysis. At the end of the treatment, sediment will be seen in the used water.
Functions of the detox foot treatment

1. Detoxification therapy

2. Remote infrared system

3. Large liquid crystal display (LCD)

4. five detoxification procedures

5. Remote massage

Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work

How do I use a detox foot spa machine?

One. Prepare a regular footbath. Pour in 37-40 degree warm water.
B. Add some salt (refined salt or coarse salt is better).
c. Place your feet in the tub.
d. Place the ion head in the basin, then turn the device on and adjust the time for about 30 minutes.
The entire detoxification process is safe, comfortable, fast, effective, visible and tested.


How long does the detox foot spa machine set last?

Detox foot care is a consumer product. It can usually be used 40-60 times.
(if the water is of the right hardness and a little salt is added), but when the V and A positions of the display are always zero, this means that they need to be replaced! Ionic heads. Too hard water, too much salt, and prolonged soaking will shorten the life of the ion head. The detox foot spa machine will be consumed over the course of use. And there will be more and more impurities on it. Its function will be weakened. In order to maintain a good function, it is necessary to modify the detox foot spa. To prolong its life and maintain hygiene (avoid distortion of the interaction) .
Disinfect, clean and dry the unit after each use. For good results, change our special ion cleaner. If you use another brand of product, it is easy to damage the electrode plate of the microcomputer and cause damage!

Who should consider a detox foot spa machine?

With the exception of people with foot ulcers or foot infections, most people can benefit from the relaxation provided by a warm foot soak. In other words, there is no need to purchase expensive detox foot spa machineification products.

Instead, using epsom salts (with or without a detox foot spa machine product) in a foot bath can refresh and cleanse the feet.

After a hard day, a foot soak can be a great way to relax and help restore circulation to your feet. They may also help if you are experiencing athlete’s foot.

Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work

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