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Detox Products And Practices – Are They Bad For Our Health

Most of us at some time or another feel that the way we eat leaves something to be desired. Our busy lives don’t leave much room for deep consideration of what to eat for lunch today or what to shop for to cook next week’s breakfasts.

 If we grab a sandwich here and whip up a quick meal there, we are bound to have the feeling that our digestive systems are not quite right. The detox industry appears to give us a solution to this uncomfortable quandary. If we take these pills, go on this or that detox diet, do the occasional fast or visit the sauna every week, the toxins we take in from our environment will be eliminated from our bodies.

 But there are certain methods that the body uses to get rid of waste matters. The liver breaks down any offensive matter into stuff that can be eliminated by the kidneys. If the kidneys, liver or any other organs start to malfunction, then detoxification of the body will be less efficient. Medical treatment would be the answer in this situation. If the organs are working okay, scientists tell us that we have no need to adopt any products or practices to enhance the elimination of waste products.

 Drinking a reasonable amount of water, plenty of exercise and a diet containing fruit and vegetables will help us avoid the feeling of being overloaded with toxins. There are foods that contain substances that have been shown to be harmful if taken in excess. Caffeine and alcohol fall into this category so we know to avoid them altogether or take them in moderation. If we sometimes over indulge in these drinks our bodies will eliminate the harmful elements without our having to go on a fast or take a herbal product.

 The dietary supplements and remedies that are supposed to help us detox are not backed by scientific research. If I use them I might feel that they are of some benefit or I might not. It is entirely subjective. Promoters of detox products complain that mainstream science conspires to turn people away from their products but do not encourage scientific study that would prove or disprove their effectiveness.

 Some detox products seem to me to be rather dodgy at first glance. Foot pads come to mind. You can buy them in stores in the same section you can buy aspirin, which seems to lend them some reflected credibility. Detox foot pads are supposed to draw toxins from the body but there is no evidence to support this.

 Detox products never define which substances are toxins and how much of them is removed and by what process. The Duchy Originals company claims that “Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture is a natural aid to digestion and supports the body’s natural elimination processes” but fails to explain how a mixture of dandelion and artichoke goes about these tasks.

 With publicity from the detox product industry claiming that pumpkin seeds cure depression, lemon promotes healthy teeth and bones and cinnamon helps to lower cholesterol, it should be a no-brainer to take the more plausible-sounding claims with a grain of salt.


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