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Detox Products – Do They Heal Or Harm

Whether detox products can help you lose weight or get healthy is the subject of a great deal of debate. There are many people who say that they have tried some of the dietary supplements and detox diets on the market without any ill effects. Other people look back on detoxing as a deeply unpleasant experience.

First, you need to be aware that some companies that market detox products and other herbal stuff don’t always tell the truth in their advertising and packaging. If you see claims about some product boosting your immune system or offering immunity against some virus or other, go to the US Food And Drug Administration website to see if the product you are interested in has received any warnings.

Other places you could go for help are online forums or Yahoo Answers. You could also approach your doctor. He will be able to tell you if any scientific research has been carried out on the detox products you want to try and whether they are likely to do you any harm.

If you belong to the school of thought that says mainstream medicine is against alternative therapies because they take money out of doctors’ pockets, then an online search will get you a variety of opinions on popular detox products.

Many people who have tried to detoxify their bodies through the use of supplements will tell you that you will get longer lasting results by disciplining the way you eat. For instance you will see people saying that eating a large breakfast, a little lunch and a tiny dinner will yield better results than a drastic detox or weight-loss diet.

Another aspect of the detox debate is the matter of dishonest companies getting access to your credit card. There have been many instances of people complaining that companies selling detox products and cleansers have been putting bogus charges on their credit cards. You should easily put your mind at ease on this matter by doing some research into the company you are about to do business with. Just type the company name into your favorite search engine.

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