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Detox Recipe’s

December, Christmas and New Year have been and gone, and while January is the time when most people think of starting their resolutions, eating healthily, doing more exercise, getting more sleep and reading more, many psychology experts disagree.

 anuary is such a miserable month, it dark, it gloomy, there are debts and not much to look forward to, so I would postpone any dieting or fasting to start in February. In January you have bottles of wine and biscuits left over from Christmas, so you may as well eat them up, and start the detox in February,?says Dr Jill Holland, Motivational and Life Coach and Psychologist.

 So after an indulgent January, start February on the right track. Here are some tips and recipe to see you through.

 1.Order a weekly box of organic vegetables from your local farm or box scheme. Most of these vegetable will be local, seasonal and fresh, bursting with vitamins and minerals and perfect to see you through to spring. If youe not sure how to use some of the vegetables check out the internet for great recipes for soups and stews.

 2.Start each morning with a healthy drink to cleanse and energies the system for the day ahead. Chris Tibbs, a caterer and dietician shares some simple recipe ideas:

 ?Lemon and Ginger Shots

 Squeeze one half of lemon into hot water with a thumb-sized piece of peeled grated ginger. The lemon cleanses, while the ginger energizes the system.

 ?Orange, Carrot and Beetroot Juice

 Juice 2 oranges, one carrot and half a beetroot, add a squeeze of lime. The oranges offer much needed vitamin C to protect you from colds and flu; the carrot provide vitamin A and the beetroot will cleanse the liver.

 ?Apple and Mint

 Add some crushed mint to apple juice for a refreshing morning pick me up full of vitamins.

 ?Cranberry Fruit Cocktail

 Add honey and a cinnamon stick to warmed cranberry juice for a tasty kidney cleanse, filled with the healing properties of honey.

 3.Chris Tibbs has numerous years as a caterer, cooking for large groups of people, often those who have specific dietary requirements; he suggests the following as a basis for a daily dietary routine:

 ?Breakfast ?Breakfast well on cereals or porridge complemented with dried, tinned or fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. Wholegrain bread toasted, with eggs, poached or boiled and grilled tomatoes and mushrooms are also wholesome and tasty.

 ?Lunch ?Homemade vegetable soup. Pitta bread with roasted vegetables hummus and salad

 ?Dinner ?Stews and casseroles slowly cooked in a pot; Grilled fish with steamed or roasted vegetables & brown rice; whole wheat pasta with tomato based sauces

 4.Finally to aid your month of detoxification take up a regular form of exercise, whatever you enjoy whether it running or swimming or joining a local team.

 They say ealthy body, healthy mind?so taking up some form of yoga to assist with relaxation will help you relax and get a good night sleep, essential for your body to rest and repair.

 So, happy February, happy new year, happy new you!

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