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Detox System for Body Cleanse, Regulate Bowel Movements

We have always been hearing the saying, “Health is wealth”, and now realize that it is quite true that unless one has good health, one would be unable to enjoy the fruits in the form of increased wealth and prosperity. This has gathered all the more importance with today’s world being full of toxins and pollutants and they are found in the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe in. All these toxins end up in the colon and cause obstructions and germs. So a proper detox system for body cleanse proves vital to remove toxins and wastes from the body and promote good health.

 Detox system for body cleanse has never been as easy as it is now and can be done without spending a fortune with just making changes in our food habits. Processed foods are the main culprit to toxins in the body and so it would be highly advisable to take a lot of fresh and raw green vegetables and fruits. It is best to wash and take them with their skin as they help better in aiding the removal of toxins from the body. Raw foods are any day better than cooked foods to cleanse the digestive system of wastes and toxins. All this aids frequent bowel movements and helps to effectively remove all waste products that are trapped from your body.
 One of the effective detox systems for body cleanse is the use of with Bentonite clay. Bentonite clay liquid is a gel that helps hold toxins till they are eliminated from the body. Having a mixture of 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed and 1 tablespoon of liquid bentonite in a glass of water first thin in the morning at least half an hour before eating anything helps. Drinking abundant water prevents the extreme situations of constipation and dehydration.

 Having regular bowel movements is very essential so a detox system for body cleanse would prove ideal if one could include a detoxification drink in ones daily diet. A detox drink would not be required if you are already having good and regular bowel movements, for it indicates that you are having a pretty good and healthy diet. Making your own detox drink at home would also help. This can be made with thinks like psyllium husks or seeds that contain a lot of fiber, probiotics or mild laxatives first, with the dosage increased if the problem continues to persist.

 It is ideal to also look for detox system for body cleanse in probiotics that are good bacteria that have helped remove chlorine and other wastes and toxins from the system. They remove toxins and enhance the immune system. Helping to improve digestion and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, probiotics that have an enteric coating ensure that they make their way to the digestive system where they are needed most.

 Detox system for body cleanse are not without side-effects when proper care is not taken. Muscle breakdown, vitamin deficiencies, and blood sugar, potassium and sodium levels are some major problems. Pregnant women, diabetics and heart disease patients should undertake them only with doctor’s advice.

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