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Detox Systems That Increase Your Energy Level

To use detox systems and increase energy levels can change our lives around. Most of us are working hard, usually 9 to 5 then battle with the traffic to get home just in time to have dinner and watch a little television then off to bed to do it all again tomorrow. This tends to prevent us in a lot of ways to spend time doing more of what we want to do and life can feel like a struggle and that we don’t have any additional emotional gas left in the tank.

Something than can make a huge difference in our well being is to breathe. You might say “is this guy nuts, I’m already breathing or I was the last time I checked”. No I don’t mean sitting at your desk or behind the wheel of the car just breathing in and out very shallowly. To change your life read on.

Your entire body is only as healthy as the cells that make it up so it makes a lot of sense to use easy to do detox systems regularly. The health of our blood stream is vital to the health of our body as this is the environment all our cells live and grow in. A health blood stream is the key to a long happy existence. If we have unhealthy cells we are low on energy and we can contract disease and die.

Did you know our breath is the key to internal cleansing and detoxify our circulatory system? Not only does breath give oxygen to our cells in order for them to live well but breath also controls lymph system. Lymph fluid carries white blood cells that cleans and protects our system. Our lymph system also is known as our waste management system. Every cell in our body is surrounded by lymph and we have four times as much lymph fluid in our system as blood. How the system works, is blood is pumped through your system to thin porous capillaries. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to these capillaries where it is defused into lymph. Our cells then through there own intelligence remove the oxygen and nutrients from the lymph them these cells excreta toxins some of which goes back into the capillaries. Dead cell, blood proteins and other toxins must be removed by the lymph system.

The lymph system is only activated by deep breathing. The body relies totally on the lymph system to drain off these large toxins and excess fluids from your body which if not removed restrict the amount of oxygen available to the body. The fluid passes through the lymph nodes removing dead cells and other poisons but not the blood proteins and neutralized and destroyed. To give you an idea of the importance of the lymph system, if it were to shut down for 24 hours you would die from the blood proteins and excess fluids in out system as our system become unable to detoxify.

Our circulatory system relies on the heart to pump blood through out our body however our lymph system doesn’t have a pump. The only way lymph can move around in our body is through deep breathing and muscular movement. If we want to have a healthy blood, lymph and immune system we have to learn how to breathe deeply and create movement and activity for our body to stimulate our lymph system.

The biggest problem with a lot of health programs today is that a lot give information on healthy eating however if we don’t cleanse or don’t learn how to internally cleanse our body we can never be really healthy.

Scientific research now shows that a deep diaphragmatic breath is the most efficient way to cleanse the lymph systems. Research has been conducted in various universities throughout the world and doctors have been able to install miniature cameras into people’s bodies. It was discovered that a deep breath can literally suck the toxins from the lymph system and eliminate them at up to 15 times more efficiently that normal shallow breathing. If you did nothing else to improve your health and fitness other that participate in deep breathing you will dramatically improve your wellbeing immediately.

The most efficient breathing exercise that research has revealed has been, inhale for one count, hold for four counts and exhale for two counts. For example if you were to inhale for 4 second you would hold for 16 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. We need to exhale twice as long as we inhale because that is when we are eliminating toxin from our lymphatic system. We hold our breath for 16 seconds to oxygenate our blood stream and activate out aliphatic system. When you are conducting this breathing exercise you need to breathe from deep in your abdomen to maximize this cleansing effect.

If you want to dramatically improve your health with the simplest of detox systems and begin your internal cleanse with this simple to do exercise you must and I can’t enforce enough the term MUST stop 3 time a day, stand up shake your body out and relax then breath in, hold and then breath out to the ration above. You must do this exercise for ten cycles three times a day. You need to do this when you rise in the morning, at lunch time and again in the evening before you retire. If the ratio is too strenuous for you shorten it down to suit, then as your lung capacity improves you may then extend it. Make sure you make it is comfortable for you but make sure you do it.

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