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Detox Tips – How to Detox Your Body With Reflexology

Did you know that reflexology can help you detox your body? Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex points or zones on the feet which relate to points, organs and systems within the body. By working with these zones or points the practitioner can treat areas of illness, imbalance or weakness.

Reflexology has been recorded as far back as Egyptian times and Eunice Ingham documented the practice in the early 1900s. Ingham was a physiotherapist who believed that there were many zones running through and connecting the body. She believed that these could be more easily accessed and worked on in certain parts of the body, i.e. the feet. It was this work that developed into the therapy of reflexology as we know it today.

During a reflexology treatment, the client sits or lies on a couch and the practitioner follows a manipulation sequence around each foot, covering every reflex point or zone. The practitioner will require feedback from the client concerning areas of discomfort or pain during the treatment. The practitioner can then ‘work’ the relevant area to improve the condition.

Reflexology practitioners tend to use powders, such as calendula or talcum, to make the treatment go smoothly. Reflexology is an excellent diagnostic tool, as it can show any problems, even at the early stages, within the body. The practitioner can then work on them before any further, more serious, conditions develop.

During a detox diet program your internal systems and organs will probably be working harder or differently from the way they would normally. Reflexology can help the body detox by ‘balancing’ organs like the kidneys and liver, and enabling the intestines to carry out their cleansing function without causing any unnecessary pressure.

Reflexology can also tell you what your body requires or simply what it is going through. If you have reflexology treatments whilst you are detoxing your body you will find that common ‘tender points’ are those of the bladder, kidney and digestive systems, all of which are working hard. The practitioner will work on these specific points to bring them to optimum condition for continued cleansing.

Reflexology treatments will also show any potential imbalance and the practitioner can work at a preventative level. If you are super-healthy or your detox has made your body totally balanced, then reflexology treatments are still useful as a precaution and as a time to relax.

There are some basic reflex points that you can work on yourself every day to instill calmness and health:

The ‘great eliminator’, located in the fleshy part of your hand between the thumb and forefinger, can be used to expel stress and tension. Using the thumb and forefinger of your left hand, gently squeeze this fleshy area on your right hand. You should apply pressure slowly as it may well be tender, especially if you have a headache or are feeling tense. Hold the pressure and release slowly; repeat until you feel the tension or the headache subside. When you feel ready, swap hands and release tension on the other hand.

The ‘centre point’ in the palm of your hand relates to the centre point on your solar plexus (chest area) and the centre point on your foot; obviously the easiest point to reach is your hand. Place your left thumb in the centre of your right palm, supporting the weight of the right hand with the fingers of the left hand. Slowly move the thumb upwards towards the fingers and stop when you meet the underside of the knuckles – just off centre from the palm towards the fingers. Again, apply pressure slowly and hold it until the pressure subsides. Repeat for the other hand and feel the tension melt away.

The zone points on your face can be worked by placing both thumbs just inside the eye socket, up against the brow bone. Place your elbows on your desk or a table and then lower the weight of your head onto your thumbs. Again this may feel tender, especially if you are trying to eliminate a headache. Hold the pressure and then release.

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