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Detox Yourself With an Ionic Foot Bath

The latest health craze is about the ionic foot bath detox system. The way you can detoxify yourself with an ionic foot bath works on a very simple principle. It is a low electric current that is supposed to be the same strength as the electric currents that are naturally in your cells. Each living cell in your body has its own electric current. Without this current, we would not be able to function. In fact, our brains all have an electric current that helps us perform our basic functions, such as breathing, moving, heart beating, etc. Likewise, your cells electric current also repels toxins and other pathogens that are in your body by producing charges that are the same as the toxins. One thing you need to know about electricity is that opposites attract and like charges conflict with each other. That means that a negatively charged electron will only be attracted to a positively charged electron. No two negatives nor positives will attract each other, quite the contrary, they will oppose each other and there is an energy field that keeps the to like electrons apart.

Enter the ionic foot bath. As toxins accumulate in your body, they can wear out your cells and their natural electric current will drop. This happens when we are in an environment where we are constantly exposed to a wide variety of different toxins on a daily basis, such as our environment. We are exposed to toxins by breathing them in, touching them and getting them absorbed into our skin, ingesting them through food or drink, or deliberate inhalation by either smoking. If you do drugs, either legal or illegal, you fill your body with toxins also.

What happens is that as the cells get too weak to ward off those toxins, they become absorbed in the fatty tissues of your body. Toxins are attracted to your fatty tissues, because fat is an electrolyte laden tissue. As the fat cells get even weaker, you have the opposite electrons left, and thus the electrons in the toxins pull the toxins to the fat, like a magnet.

The ionic foot bath works by placing an electrode into the water and the warm water together with the electric charge in the water causes a physical reaction. The electric current in the water removes one hydrogen atom from the H20 molecule, which is water. This leaves some loose negatively charged electrons in the water. An electron is the particle of an atom which has an electric charge. Electrons can have either a negative or positive charge. In the case of an ionic foot bath, the water typically has a negative charge to it. The toxins in your body have a positive charge, thus they are attracted to the ionized water.

Why your feet and not the other part of your body? Well, your feet are the best exit points for toxins to leave your body, since your feet have the largest concentration of sweat glands and many different veins and blood vessels that crisscross each other. The toxins will travel quickly to your feet, since they move through your blood also. One of the benefits of an ionic foot bath detox system is that besides detoxifying your body as mentioned above, it will also improve your blood circulation as the electric ions in your blood will move also. You will notice that the water changes color as you have your feet in the bath for some time. That color is from the toxins that are leaving your body.

You can enjoy a great relaxing foot bath and also detoxify yourself with an ionic foot bath. There are also many of them available and you can simply go online to see which one is the right one for you.

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