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Detoxification is a Holistic Process – Not a Miracle

Detox is very fashionable. People can also go long length to actually invest in a 2 hours treatment that is only temporary. Detox will not happen in 2 hours. Do not be fooled, nor, think that detoxifying your body without detoxifying your mind will actually work out anyhow!. It will not happen. Go for a lymphatic massage then with the idea and intention of spending a good time, that is all and do good to yourself. However, if on the way out, you start up by drinking a ‘good cappuccino” with a good piece of chocolate cake, then you not only loose the value of the lymphatic massage but you also proof to yourself that you did not engage in it for detox but for fun!. That is a different approach. That is called ‘relaxation’ not detoxification.

Moreover, detox cannot happen in one go. It will take the body a long process to get rid of long-time habits of smoking, drinking coffee, eating non-organic stuff and the rest. Detoxifying from chemicals and heavy metals (such as those found in industrial vitamin tablets) take also a long time and requires a life-style hygiene program which would eliminate harmful substances (such as antibiotics found in most meat and fish products, chemicals in preservatives for packaging, dried fruits, coloring in most industrial biscuits, bleach for rice and noodles and the rest. So it could well take you a long new list of food and beverages to actually detox without any equipment or external intervention.

Ion Foot Detox machines sell like bread. They are easy to use in the privacy of your own home and you can add any other elements you like: Reiki treatments. meditations, music, and even a nice glass of cold organic green tea! Ion Foot Detox machines sell easily because they also can do wonders. But watch out that those wonders that they claim doing are actually not in the variation of the colour of the water! Don’t wait for the water to get black or brown. Just concentrate on the elimination of toxins that is occurring in your body right there and now!. It is indeed more the electrical reaction that is being triggered in your body that is the detoxification process and not the colors.

Did you ever really believe that toxins were coming out of your feet! I hope you didn’t. We all live in toxic environments just because of pollution and amount of bacterias that we touch everyday! The process of eliminating toxins is a chemical process of the body that is ongoing. With age the process slows down and with dis-eases or dis-comfort sometime the process is engulfed in its own attempt to recover balance. Therefore toxins are not eliminated as regularly as it should and hence some organs start to misbehave. The liver for instance is the most important cellular memory organs. It receives everything, food, beverages, thoughts, emotions and air we breath. It keeps memory of all habits and tastes and smells. Too much of good stuff and it’s a crisis. It will take the body approximately 10 years to actually completely forget the carrier was a smoker!.

As in many processes of transformation detoxification will take a bit of time and the help of the mind. Using an Ion Foot Detox Machine for approximately 4 to 6 weeks will actually generate a real detoxification process.

Then we need to look at what is the intention for detoxification. Just get rid of bad eating habits will not detoxify but only relax and will remain temporary. If we are looking at engaging in better lifestyle and at the same time, remain earth-friendly than the process of detoxification will connect the body and the mind, and enhance the frequency of vibration we can engage with the Universe. Understand? Detoxification is also another word corollary to Healing. Detoxify the body of harmful elements by setting the intention of cleaning up the habits and with the assistance of the mind, determine to listen to the intuitive messages the detox will bring. Healing is occurring right there, inside the body. Even if it takes the changed colour of the water that is only a symptom!

Go and buy your ion foot detox if you want to but don’t expect miracles overnight. Detoxification is a long process and most advertisements would never tell you this. Their purpose is to sell the machine! All organs have memory. And you can ‘t expect to reformat the memory in one go!

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