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Detoxification – Why is it recommended for you

When you go out on the road, you might find out that the rising pollution rate in the city is ruining your outer beauty as well as your overall health. The pollutants present in the air not just make your face feel sticky with humidity and blacken it with the carbon content but also affects your overall health by attacking you internally. This can be evident by the fact that after going out in traffic or out on the road can make you feel tired and weak. This is because of the micro-organisms and the harmful toxins present in the pollutants which attack your immune system and create health issues for you. Also, when you walk bare feet, toxins and micro-organisms can enter your body through the pores of your skin. You cannot remove them with ease as you cannot see them and because they are inside your body. Removing the toxins from your body is possible with the help of a detox.

What is detox?

Detox or detoxification is a process by which, you can get rid of the harmful toxins, chemicals and harmful agents that are present in your body. When you get a detox, you can feel fresh and energetic as your body system is cleaned. This process can be done within a session of 20-30 minutes at detox parlours or detox programs conducted by some salons and health bodies/institutes. Today, the importance of detoxification has spread so much that the selling of home-use detox equipment is also at an all time high. You can also try getting a detox machine for your home and get easy detox whenever you require, without much cost and effort.

Detox foot spa and the process of doing it

Detoxification can be done with the help of a detox foot spa, which is a home-use detox equipment that can give you instant relief from a number of ailments and pain. A foot detox spa is a tub-like machine which has to be filled with warm water. You then have to put your feet inside the tub filled with water, add the electrolyte powder that comes with the detox foot spa device and wait for the ions to start working. The electrolyte attracts the toxins and the toxins and harmful chemicals come out of your body through the pores and nerve endings of your feet and mix into the water. You can actually see the colour of the water changing to dark brown or yellow, which is a sign showing the electrolyte reaction with the toxins. This means that the detoxification process is working.

Regular detoxification is recommended by health experts as this can help promote longevity and can help you stay away from problems such as joint pain, weakness, low energy, fatigue, stress, swelling and pain. This process should be done once or twice in 6 months to remain toxin-free and healthy. You can feel instant freshness and rejuvenation along with an energy boost after detox. In a world speeding up, this is the best way to keep your health in a good condition and stay afresh for the better.

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