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Dialysis Technician Careers And Opportunities

What is a dialysis technician? A dialysis technician works with people whose kidneys do not function the way they are supposed to or whose kidneys do not function at all. The dialysis technician operates machines that remove wastes, salt, and water from the blood while monitoring the levels of other chemicals. Dialysis patients typically use the kidney dialysis machines about four hours three times each week.

Job Description Dialysis technicians prepare patients for dialysis, monitor them and the machine during dialysis, and then perform the needed procedures after dialysis. It is the responsibility of the dialysis technician to make sure the machine is working properly. Most dialysis technicians work in a hospital where they are supervised by a registered nurse or in dialysis units that are run by private companies. Some dialysis technicians work in physicians’ offices or in home health settings.

Salary Entry level dialysis technicians can start out at minimum wage but most get paid between ten and sixteen dollars per hour. How much they get paid depends on where they work. For example, those who work in hospital and dialysis labs usually get paid more than those who work for home health or doctors. Experience and education also influence how much a dialysis technician gets paid. Oftentimes the technician will take additional coursework in order to get a promotion to head dialysis technician or biomedical equipment technician. Benefit packages are good and include health insurance, sick days, vacation time, and insurance.

Training and Education People who become dialysis technicians are required to have state certification. Admission to the program requires either a high school diploma or its equivalent. Such programs are offered through on the job training or by community colleges, and vocational /technical schools. Interest in science and health as well good mechanical ability is helpful. Some classes for this field can be completed online but the certification cannot be entirely done online because of the clinical practicum that is required.

Career Opportunities The job market looks good for dialysis technicians because of the increasing number of people with kidney problems. Hospitals, dialysis labs, doctors, and home health agencies employ dialysis technicians. Pay is determined based on the experience and educational level. It is also affected by where the technician is employed.

Other Other names for dialysis technicians include patient care technicians, nephrology technicians, or hemodialysis technicians. Dialysis technicians work closely with the National Association of Technicians/Technologists and the National Kidney Foundation.

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