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Did You Know That There Is No Such Thing As Pure Simple Water Anymore

there is no such thing anymore as simple water, pure as a mountain stream as they used to say. This is because we have taken every step possible to contaminate the very substance most important to our survival.

 Unfortunately, we have not taken equal measures to ensure the safety of the water being supplied to our homes, as our methods of cleansing our drinking water leave a lot to be desired.
 With all of the technology we have today you would think it would be easy to guarantee the safety of our drinking water supply. We have put men on the moon and are capable of the nuclear destruction of our planet, but can either clean our water supply or prevent the contamination from getting worse. Maybe we can, but the former would cost a fortune and the latter would require more responsibility than we seem capable of.

 We started out trying to cleanse our drinking water back in the 19th century, using simple water filters to try to reduce the incidence of illness caused by waterborne diseases. The death toll was high during that time due to the obvious lack of medical technology. By filtering a town water supply the risk of the townspeople dying from exposure to waterborne pathogens was reduced considerably.

 As we entered the 20th century we expanded upon what we had learned about water filtration in the preceding decades. As industry continued to grow we took the example of a filtering system designed to demineralize large quantities of water as the basis for our public drinking water system. This worked fairly well for a while, but upgrades are necessary if we were going to keep up with the ever growing list of new contaminants.

 Unfortunately, we never really adapted to the changes in the condition of our water supply, and are still using a large scale filtration system designed to perform nothing but demineralization. This type of simple water filtration system is incapable of removing the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, toxic heavy metals, or microscopic disinfection resistant pathogens that reside within our reservoirs.

 Currently there are around 80,000 individual chemicals and pharmaceuticals present in our water supply, and being that they are diluted down to less than the molecular weight of water a membrane filter is incapable of stopping them. Did you know that when two or more chemicals come in contact with one another the potency of each grows exponentially? Even diluted traces of these chemicals can cause you great harm over time.

 The answer to your problem is to override the water treatment facility simple water filter with a home water purification system. A dual filter system featuring granular activated carbon, sub micron filtration, and ion exchange will purify your water almost completely.

 You can expect such a system to remove as much as 99.99% of the chemical, organic, and microbial contaminants from your drinking water.

 A simple water filter system just isn enough to keep your family safe from contaminants, but a quality home water countertop or under the counter purification system will ensure you are drinking the purest water possible.

 Gordon Hall is fervent about enabling you and everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, and is an ardent reviewer of Water Purification Systems. Visit his website now at to discover which Water Purification Systems Gordon recommends after far ranging comparisons.



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