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Different Types of Acne Skin Condition – What You Should Know

When you’re afflicted by acne, all the following can happen. You can see the appearance of blackhead, nodule, cyst, pustule, whitehead, spot and papule. Acne usually form on the face, the chest and the back but they can also develop in other anatomic areas as well.

While acne is more common among teenagers due to hormonal changes, adults have the risk to get acne as well. So the truth is there is no specific range of age where acne will be triggered. Acne can be a frustrating experience and can interfere with a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Now let’s get more details about the different types of acne.

(1) Blackhead

These are caused when the pores of your skin are partially blocked. Dirt is not the reason for the black dots. When your skin cells are dead, they get a melanin pigment, so this pigment is the culprit for generating blackheads.

(2) Pustule

These are spots on the skin and they are red and large.

(3) Whitehead

These are caused when the pores of your skin are totally blocked. Bacteria is the reason behind the white dots as it is found inside the blocked pores. This has a negative effect on the sebum which is converted to fatty acids.

(4) Nodule

These are bumps under the surface of your skin. They are hard and large.

(5) Cyst

These are a bit like nodule but your skin can get deeper infection and inflammation.

(6) Papule

These are spots or bumps and they are soft, small and red.

 The 6 acne conditions above are categorized in acne vulgaris which is a term used for acne as well. You also have acne rosacea which is a bit like acne vulgaris like oily skin, pustule and bumps or spots but acne rosacea sufferers experience skin redness and swelling on the affected areas notably on the face and the chest. Other anatomic areas include the neck, back, scalp and ears.

Certain types of food and drink are responsible for this like spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, oily and greasy foods. Stress is also a contributing factor. Nearly 15 million people are affected by acne rosacea in the United States and most of them don’t even know about it including how to recognize its symptoms and how to cure it. In contrast to acne vulgaris, acne rosacea lesions outbreak don’t get inflammation spots leading to swelling with fluids.

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