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Discover The Detox Myths You Need To Know

There are a lot of unsubstantiated claims made about the benefits of detox. Scientists claim there are many detox myths. The concept behind the process is that our bodies need periods of help to deal with accumulated toxins. The literature of detox claims many health problems are related to a build-up of toxins such as fatigue, headaches and stomach problems.

 There are many who believe that detox is just a marketing concept designed to sell a range of products. The list of detox products is ever increasing as is the money spent by consumers on them. There are products for the skin and also kits and supplements which apparently support the body during the detox period.

 Detox is an easy sell to people who over indulge or lead an unhealthy lifestyle. It implies that all that can be corrected in a fairly short period of time without having to contemplate changing habits. It is a quick fix. Detox is also marketed as a type of diet. This can be unhealthy and does not lead to long term weight loss. Detox diets usually advise eating lots of fruit and vegetables and taking laxatives. This leads to lots of fluid loss but does not burn fat. Hence when a normal eating pattern is resumed the person regains the weight quickly. It can be unhealthy because dramatic changes in weight put strain on the heart and the diets can be nutrient poor.

 Research has not produced any evidence of long term benefit from detox. Short term benefits include clearer skin and an energy boost but if the healthy diet is not kept up they will not last.

 There are ways to detox naturally but this takes longer than a week. You do not need any special juices, supplements, teas or drinks. It involves eating fresh foods, drinking water, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and nicotine and taking exercise. Basically having a healthy lifestyle.

 When the systems of the body are working the alcohol consumed on an especially drunken night can be expelled by the body quickly. It would take at the most thirty six hours. Most scientists agree that the thing to do after a period of excess is to drink a lot of water and leave the rest to your body. If your body is properly hydrated it can clear a large amount of contaminants efficiently. Although the most effective way to keep you body toxin free is not to put them in there at all.

 The body has a number or efficient systems which filter out and dispose of toxins. One of the things often quoted in detox advice is that the air we breathe is dirty and this contributes to high toxin levels in the body. However the lungs have a filter system which means these toxins do not enter the body in the first place. Another of the systems in the body to get rid of harmful chemicals is the skin, it can excrete toxins. Many skin products such as patches are sold as detoxing. However scientists have found this is a myth. The only way they could detox is to cause extra sweating under the patch which would make only a tiny difference to the amount of toxins that area of skin was excreting.

 The truth that the detox marketing industry tries to obscure is that the only proven way to have a healthy body is to eat well and exercise.


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