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Discover the Essential Ingredient For a Successful Detox Cleanse

Let’s face it, with the amount of pollution around today, in the air, the water and in our food, it’s no wonder more of us are looking for the best detox cleanse. What everyone seems to overlook though, is that one vital ingredient that will make all the difference.

Pure water may seem obvious to you, but it is a rare thing indeed. The only way you can successfully detoxify yourself is if you have access to uncontaminated water, and if you’re on mains water, then you don’t.

Detoxification experts agree that pure water is the foundation of any program, and vital for the correct elimination of toxins by the liver and kidneys. The higher the quality, the better the results of the detox cleanse.

The problem is that we have literally thousands of toxic chemicals in our drinking supply today including lead, chlorine, pesticides and prescription drugs, with more being found all the time. A recent story from the AP agency reported how industry has legally dumped more than 271 million pounds of pharmaceutical drugs into water areas that are used to give us drinking water!

You can see the problem of drinking tap water that contains the very toxins you are trying to get rid of! As drinking the right amount significantly improves the elimination of these toxins, the quality of the water is paramount.

The easiest and best way is to use some kind of home filtration, avoiding bottled water at all costs as it is no better and potentially worse than what comes out of your taps at home. Look for a high quality multi-stage system that uses an activated carbon filter and ion exchange for the best results, removing 99% of all the toxins.

Only then can you get the maximum impact from your detox cleanse and be safe in the knowledge that you are safeguarding your future health too.

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