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Discover the Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Stones

It is important that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of kidney stones to seek help as early as possible. Early detection of any illness is essential to address the problem properly on its early stage and avoid complications. Early diagnosis of any kidney problem will help you avoid serious kidney disease.
 The signs and symptoms of kidney stones may vary from person to person and there are people who have kidney stones and yet they do not know it. If the stones are still small and not blocking the urinary track, it can pass along with the urine without any pain. But if the stones get bigger and obstructing the urinary track, pains at different levels will be felt.
 Here are common signs and symptoms of kidney stones:
 Different degrees of pain. One of the common signs and symptoms of kidney stones is pain. The pain depends on the size and location of the kidney stones. Pains may vary from tolerable to sharp or stabbing pains that may bring you to your knees or could make you unable to walk. The pain is usually on the side and lower back or pelvis. The pain may also radiate from the side to the lower abdomen or groin. It creates great discomfort to the sufferer and sometimes the pain is accompanied by vomiting and nausea.

 Fever and chills. Along with the pain, sufferers may experience chills and fever. Your energy level becomes lower and you may experience fatigue and dizziness.
 Painful urination and blood in the urine. Another included in list of signs and symptoms of kidney stones are pains during urination and the presence of blood in your urine. You may also notice unusual color and foul-smell of your urine.
 Persistent urge to urinate. This is another annoying signs and symptoms of kidney stone. You will have that constant urge to urinate which is very annoying especially at night because it will really disturb your sleep.
 Kidney stones problem has many symptoms, some can be tolerable but others can be really disturbing and disabling. It is important that you seek medical help once you recognize the signs and symptoms of kidney stones.
 Natural remedies are another option if you want to pass and dissolve kidney stone naturally. If you are into natural remedies visit The Kidney Stone Removal Report

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