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Do You Need Protective Gloves With Those Cleaning Supplies

Protective gloves are necessary for a huge range of maintenance procedures, from washing dishes to restoring antique jewellery. So the next time you stock up on your cleaning supplies essentials, you should consider, do you need protective gloves with those? Rubber gloves are ubiquitous in any janitors cupboard, but there are also many more specialised protective gloves which are used for special applications. These cleaning supplies include cotton gloves which are used to protect sensitive materials, such as precious metals and stones, from being marked by oily fingers.

 Protective gloves are essential both in the home and in commercial situations. They are particularly important in restaurant kitchens where there are numerous health and safety hazards which need to be considered. Besides the standard cleaning supplies, most professional kitchens should be well stocked with three different kinds of protective glove: blade resistant gloves, dish washing gloves and freezer gloves.

 Cut resistant gloves can be made with chain mail or with various layers of strong, resistant materials. These gloves provide some protection to chefs and prep cooks who spend a large proportion of their time handling sharp knives.

 Dish washing gloves, used in domestic and professional kitchens are useful for both the safety and vanity of the dishwasher. The rubber gloves protect hands against the very hot water needed to effectively clean dishes and against the abrasive chemical cleaning supplies commonly used.

 These rubber gloves can usually be used for a wide variety of purposes, but you should remember to reserve some gloves for use with very harmful chemical solutions to avoid cross contamination with your dishes. It is important to wear rubber gloves whenever you are working with harmful chemicals, even if you have diluted the solution, as symptoms will appear after repeated exposure.

 If you want to feel extra glamorous while washing your dishes, you could consider some extra pretty dish washing gloves to add to your kitchen sink arrangement. There are many attractive designs, in classic colours and patterns such as polka dot and gingham, as well as more contemporary styles available that will appeal to the domestic goddess of any persuasion.

 Don’t you think you’d get a bit more excited about washing the dishes if you had some gorgeous gloves in your kitchen supplies? If, however, you want to avoid harmful chemical products and the requisite protective gloves altogether, you might want to consider chemical free process such as the use of microfibre cloths.


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