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Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work

Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work

Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work


Foot Detox Machine how work?

Ion foot detox is said to work by removing toxins from the feet from the body. Take the popular foot detox bath IonCleanse, for example. Advertised as a safe and easy way to cleanse the body, the ionizer ionizes the foot bath water.

This process is said to make the hydrogen in the water positively charged. The positive charge is said to attract toxins that have a negative charge in the body. Supposedly, the ions in the foot bath water carry an electrical charge that causes them to bind to any heavy metals and toxins in the body, similar to how a magnet works. This pulls the toxins out of the feet.

It helps your body to rebalance its bioenergetic field and stimulates the body to detoxify itself. The body’s organs naturally function better when the electromagnetic field is charged. Ionic energy is electrically charged. Footbaths will help you feel young again.

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath process is an amazing cleansing method that detoxifies the entire body by using positive and negative ions from a thermostat to detoxify the entire body by immersing your feet in warm water. The process is also known as electrolysis. The array element is the actual ion generator device that sits in the water and creates an ionic charge and flow in that solution. It is connected to a power source which controls the flow and change of ions of the array element.

Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work

Do the colors in the water really mean anything?

Ionic Cleanse Detox Photo
So, having read the information that made sense to me, and having an initial confidence that I hadn’t drawn hard-working people into a scam, I still had some questions. Namely, what about color? After my first detox, Judy “read my water”. She used a flashlight to examine the various shades of vomit and foamy bubbles floating on my feet and said that the colors “indicated” that I had detoxified certain areas of my body (list of colors below). She mentioned several things that I’ve had health issues with for some time, so I was interested and cautiously optimistic. Oh, and I have a parasite or two in my water! I’m not going to lie I said the water was better than me.

Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work

Detox Foot Spa Machine How Does It Work?

After researching this, my next visit to work gave Judy a better understanding of color. She started by telling me how I had once thought the same thing, but in all those years of detoxing people, too many people agreed that the color in their water was linked to their known health problems. But the following amazing story really blew her away: colors do have a meaning. So much so that they actually saved women’s lives.

Extremely Green Water Stories
Judy had been detoxing a woman who was detoxifying water that was far too deep green than Judy had ever seen. She told the woman that the green meant her gallbladder, but Judy didn’t know that the woman was worried, went to the doctor and asked him to run some tests on her gallbladder. When he finds out why she wants the tests, he is convinced he has been lied to. However, after the tests were performed, the doctor began rushing the woman to emergency gallbladder surgery. He later called Judy to thank her.

Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work Does a Foot Detox Machine Really Work

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