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does kinoki detox foot pads work:Deep Review

does kinoki detox foot pads work

HONOLULU (KHNL) — Feeling a bit achy? Do you suffer from insomnia or fatigue? A popular product advertised on television, claims to be the “ancient Japanese secret to perfect health.”Could the Kinoki Cleansing Detox Foot Pads, help you feel better?They claim to work, while you sleep, by absorbing impurities.So we had to try them out. I wore them on my feet for a bunch of nights.An unused foot pad is plain white. After one night of use, the foot pad turned a greenish, grayish color.But I didn’t feel any different.Is Kinoki Foot Detox a Scam? Is Kinoki foot detox an effin’ scam or does it work as claimed in its adverts? We here at Health Care Zone are all for alternative medicines and other health options but these alternative options must be proven to work.Sadly, we can’t say that Kinoki detox footpads works as claimed, i.e., that they have the ability to drain toxins away from the body.In fact, as far back as 2008, ABC’s 20/20 did an investigative review on Kinoki and concluded that its detox thingie is nothing but a big fat scam. The National Public Radio (NPR) did a similar study and reached the same conclusion.

This transcript from the NPR review is instructive:SCOTT SIMON, host: How do you rid your body of nasty toxins? Question for our time, isn’t it? But one company, Kinoki, says you can do it with adhesive pads that you stick to the bottom of your feet.Reporter Sarah Varney of member station KQED in San Francisco tests out that claim.SARAH VARNEY: I know, you’re probably thinking: What kind of moron would believe that a toxin-sucking foot pad could work? Well, the photos in the front of the box are really convincing. There’s a before photo, a white medical bandage, and an after foot pad filled with brownish, blackish gunk, supposedly heavy metals and metabolic waste. I slapped them on my feet and went off to bed.My colleague, videojournalist Sisto Domingo, also tried the foot pads.”I didn’t feel any real difference. Whatever slight difference I felt, I think it was psychological,” he said.So, we asked a physician, specializing in environmental medicine, does it work?”For detoxing heavy metals and poison, probably not,” said Curtis Takemoto-Gentile.He says labs have tested used, Kinoki foot pads.

Mercury or other main toxins, could not be found. But why do they change colors after you wear them? This doctor says the answer, lies in the ingredients of the foot pads.”And one of the ingredients was bamboo vinegar, and it’s supposed to be fermented for 9 years. And I think it’s a combination of that and green tea and moisture and heat from the sole of the foot,” he said.So while it claims to detoxify the body while you sleep, the only thing it cleansed, was our wallets.More than 500 Heartland News viewers requested I try the Kinoki Detox Foot Pads on Does it Work Wednesday, and I see why. The bandage-looking foot pads promise to pull toxins out of your body, soothe aching feet, and even rev up your metabolism in the process.”I was kind of curious if all those toxins really do come out of your body!” says Cathy Dietl of Jackson.


Cathy agrees to wear these pads at night for two weeks. We received a 2-week supply after I ordered them, which by the way, took 3 months to arrive! They were on back-order.”Interesting combination,” Cathy notes as she reads the list of ingredients.Kinoki claims these pads are made of bamboo vinegar, various herbs and chamomile, but we take a whiff and….”Ugh!” smells Cathy.It smells like something’s been roasting on a wood fire. That makes us even more curious, so Cathy and I open up one of the pads. Inside, we find a powdery white substance. We don’t know if the shamrocks on the package are for good luck—but Cathy says she might need it.”I’m interested to see how it goes,” she says.She agrees to wear these patches at bedtime. You have to keep them on for 8 to 10 hours. You cannot walk on them either. So, she’ll rest comfortably…we hope….”I just hope it gives me the energy boost it promises!” she says.And two weeks later….”I didn’t see any results at all!” says Cathy.Yup—even though the pads are black, just like on the package label, Cathy didn’t feel any different overall.”After the first day, I thought my foot felt better, but that was short-lived, lasting only an hour or so,” she says.

Cathy also complains about the smell lasting pretty long and lingering on her bedsheets!She also doubts this color comes from toxins….maybe it’s sweat instead.”I’d give it a ‘D” says Cathy.So, let’s take these pads to the expert. Podiatrist Dr. Zenon Duda says toxins get trapped in *fatty tissue*….and most likely won’t come out through your feet.”So, I just don’t see it happening. At most, it does absorb perspiration,” says Dr. Duda.That’s what we thought…”To actually pull it out of your feet, I don’t believe it’s going to happen,” he says.Me neither….in fact, I researched further and found the FDA has launched an official investigation into this product’s claims. Also, numerous reviews online also go as far as saying these pads are a scam!While I can’t deny *something’s* left behind on these pads, I still don’t “stick” much trust in this product.”Save your money!” says Cathy.The Kinoki Detox Foot Pads fail this Does it Work test.


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