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Does The Use Of Detox Foot Spa Really Help

These days we hear a lot about detox foot spa , detox machine, and about detox foot bath but one of the questions that passes our mind frequently is, “Does the use of detox foot spa, detox foot bath, etc., really help the users?”
 Detox foot spa systems come in a variety of shapes, sizes and brands. All these products try to help us in getting rid of the toxic waste from our body through a simple and safe procedure. The procedure involves soaking of our feet in water that is mixed with salt. Very low voltage current is passed through the water using electrodes. The salt that is added to the water is to enhance the conductivity level of water.
 When we soak our feet in foot spa machine, the color of the water changes after some time. The color of the water indicates the toxic waste from different parts of the body. The change of color occurs due to the removal of the toxic waste from the body into the water in which we soak our feet. Detox machine therefore removes the toxic waste from our body and cleanses it and thereby enhancing the overall health of the body.

 Though those who argue that the change of color is not due to the removal of the toxic waste from the body but by the corrosion of electrodes and rust in the electrodes during the process of electrolysis. They also say that the variation in the color of the water is due to the variation in the quantity of the salt added. The color or the water is bound to change even if we do not soak our feet after switching on the device.
 There are lot of controversies regarding foot detox machines and foot detox spas. When you want to try a foot detox machine, you must make sure to pick the most popular and the most reliable companies so that you can be sure of its effectiveness. Detox machine uses ionic elimination technique, which sends positive ions to neutralize the negative ions found in the toxins and heavy metals found in our body, which is cleaned through the feet, which is soaked in the water of footbath. It cleanses the entire body as it removes all the toxins that we have accumulated over a period of time.

 Foot detoxification increases the energy level of our body by improving our metabolic cycle. Foot detoxification also balances the level of glucose, lipids, hormones etc. It also helps us in controlling our blood pressure. After detoxification, we can find our skin brighter improving its complexion and it also slows down the aging process, rheumatism, swelling feet etc., and get relief through detox foot machine. As the toxic waste in our body is removed, we get cleansed. This enhances our immune system helping us reduce the frequency of falling sick. Another major advantage that we get through detoxification is enhanced microcirculation in our body, which enhances our overall health.
 It has also been reported that people who use detoxification regularly sleep well and their symptoms of sleep disorders reduce. The WBC or white blood cell count too increases.
 The basic principles of foot detoxification revolve around these two principles namely, electrolysis and osmosis. Electrolysis detoxifies the toxins in our body and osmosis gets the impurities from the body into the foot spa water. The usage of foot baths is not a new concept, it has been there for many years with us. In the olden days, people used herbs that had medicinal qualities. Today with the advanced technology, we use the electrolysis to get rid of toxins. Even in the olden days, footbaths were used to relaxation and for general well being. What we have today as detox foot spa and detox machines are noting but the improvisation of the olden day footbaths.
 We can confidently make use of the foot spa systems and foot detox machines to restore our general health and to remove the poisonous toxic material from our body. There is no harm trying the detox machines as we have very little to lose. But if it should work like it promises we gain a great deal.

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