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Donating Your Plasma Can Save Many Lives

Plasma is a yellowish liquid constituting the human blood. It is a vital part of blood that carries all the essential substances to the entire human body. It is made up of water and several other proteins and circulates throughout the body vey easily. The red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets also move in your body with the help of it.
 Plasma is a very useful substance as when inside ones body it helps in better circulation of blood and other vital substances distribution and when extracted from the body it is useful in creating medications for the rare and chronic diseases worldwide. With the help of it doctors develop therapies to save lives of all the ailing people around the globe to give then a healthier life t live. Also it is a needful substance for medical research and also for creating treatments or medications for diseases that attack the immune system like HIV and cancer etc.
 Plasma is a life gifting substance to many peoples who are suffering from severe chronic diseases and lost all the immune capabilities. Medications made of it are also proving to be really very helpful in saving thousands of lives around the world. Today many research centers are being set up worldwide that collect plasma from human blood of healthy people and recycle it for making the medicines, vaccines, antibiotics and other treatments for sick. People come there and donate same like donating their blood and also get paid for it. Though its a noble deed one can earn some extra dollars from it too.
 Plasma is being extracted from the human blood by a process called Plasmapheresis. This method is used to collect it, which is at frozen state and can be preserved for eventual use in the manufacture of a variety of medications anytime now or in future. This procedure though is painful to some extent as the machine extracts it through needles and returns the red blood cells back to the human body. This is a time taking process and involves engagement of healthy donor.
 Once you go for plasma donation to a research center you will be first undergone with screening test which will examine your health conditions like body weight, aliments, eating habits and bad addictions. There will also be blood test taken to ensure that you are free from all the diseases that can transmit through your blood. The machine used for this have several needles attached to it and when these are being inserted in your veins, they rotates and spins inside to separate the liquid substance from your blood. This procedure cannot be halted in middle as once the complete extraction is over then only it returns blood to human body. Once the needed content is taken out the machine automatically stops.
 Donating plasma though comes with little of side effects like dizziness and nausea. The donor will fell weak and dozy for little time. However, this is just like the body hair, which grows back once you cut them off without any hassle. It is regenerated back in your body within a day and so. Also, persons can donate it only twice a week and also should be healthy and sound before donating plasma. Persons above 18 years of age can only donate. Underweight people are strictly not recommended for plasma donation.
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