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Don’t let your children drink colas

It has been finally realized that the problem we are having

 with the obesity in this world today is because those who are

 obese, have acidic bodies.
 The following is what Dr Warberg the Nobel prize winner said”’
 Dr. Otto Warberg received the Nobel Prize for discovering

 the cause of cancer – this being lack of oxygen which is

 low alkaline pH. No disease can exist in an alkaline

 environment. Japanese medicine has proven this over the

 last 15 years.
 He says no disease can exist in an alkaline body. Obesity

 is a disease, so with this information all we need to do

 is bring our pH level to slightly higher. 7.365 is neutral and the number you should aim for. Simple as that.
 Let us look at other deseases that many are having by having an acidic body. osteoporosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, and acid reflux and many other maladies.
 If the body is in an alkaline state you will find you will not only be healthy, but you will feel healthy.
 In an acidic body you will have your body storing acidic wastes, because the body has not the ability to remove them. By flushing out the free radicals and the toxins with an alkaline cleanse your colon is able to work at top effiecency.

 So we are aware of this massive problem, what are we going

 to do about it?
 An acidic body has no way to have anti-oxidation. The free radicals

 are in there destroying our systems. So the most important thing we can do is, instead of allowing our bodies to remain in an acidic state, we must

 turn it into an alkaline body then life would be much sweeter.
 I want you to ask yourself these two questions.
 When you were going to high school were there many students fat,

 secondly, did you lose friends to cancer?
 Look around you today, the fat people outnumber the healthy

 people by a large margin.
 Something has changed for the worse hasn’t it?
 As you maybe know, each generation has lived longer than the

 previous one, in fact nor too long ago it was suggested that

 we might even live till 150.
 Well I am sad to inform you, the experts are now saying, our

 children are unlikely to live as long as us. Check here.
 I want you to view this video, you will then see the main reason
 for this import change. The video is only 1 minute and 13 seconnds,

 however it is proberly the most important video you have ever

 seen, as to your children.
 Getting back to the children, take a look at this video and then you will never allow
 your kids to drink colas or other so-called soft drink ever again. Here it is again.
 This is a fast video only 1 minute and 13 seconds so your strict attention is needed.
 If there is no Kangen water around, the body has to protect itself, it therefore steals the calcium it needs from the bones and teeth.
 This video really lays the law down. Did you see how much Kangen water was required to neutralize that Sprite?. It takes 32 glasses of Kangen

 water to get your child’s body functioning again as it should after drinking colas. . Sprite has a pH level of 2.5, the body needs 7.365, there is a lot

 to make up, so the body in it’s wisdom takes whatever it needs from

 where ever it can and doing harm to itself because our blood has to

 Whoever in this world, told your children to drink these ‘Big Gulps’

 Wasn’t that a terrible message to deliver?
 If your child is obese, wouldn’t it be a great idea to get him/her

 We all know the abuse these kids take, if they are obese,

 we know kids can be cruel name calling.
 If your child is obese, he or she is suffering silently

 and they become withdrawn.
 Do you want them to be slim and healthy. Ask yourself will

 they change if you tell them to stop drinking colas? No they

 won’t!! That’s the way it is.
 Here is a suggestion that is working with many mothers”’ Make them responsible. Have them test themselves. Leave it to them, don’t interfere.
 In order to find out how acidic their body is, (this proves to

 the child, why he/she is obese).
 What are some good ways to improve the acidity/alkalinity of your body?
 Here is a comment I had to one of my blogs’.

 I’ve been testing my pH for years now and like the article says,

 its very easy to get good pH strips and the testing takes 2 seconds.

 I encourage everyone to give it a shot. It definitely changed my life’.
 Let them Test Themselves, and you test Yourself.
 To find out where you stand in the acid/alkaline balance,

 test your own body’s pH level.
 This is easily accomplished by purchasing pHydrion paper, which is available at most health food stores. Test your saliva

 first thing in the morning by spitting in a spoon and dipping the

 end of a pHydrion test strip. Write down your pH. The optimum

 saliva should be 6.8 to 7.2
 Then test your urine first thing in the morning. Simply pass the

 end of a pHydrion strip quickly through the stream of urine,

 and record your pH.
 By doing this, the child by himself/herself will gain the knowledge required.
 If your first urine or saliva is lower than 6.8 you are deficient

 in alkaline buffers and need to become more alkaline. Keep

 testing yourself every day until you restore balance to your body.
 If your pH is very acidic, you know that you need to drink

 more alkaline water and eat alkaline foods.

 This way you can constantly monitor the health of your body

 and stay on top of any problems that could arise due to having

 an overly acidic body!
 To read testimonials how the water has helped so many people here on this continent, CLICK HERE
 Your child wants to be healthy, leave him/her alone, just supply the strips

 and have a Kangen Water unit.
 Here is an explanation of what the Kangen water unit does.
 Just one more point. Acidic wastes.
 When a person puts on weight, because of the body not having time to cleanse as it should do, the body starts placing acidic wastes in various locations in the body system.
 This sort of thing happens to many people If only John Wayne and Elvis Presley had known,

 they each had over forty pounds of compacted

 waste in their colons, and had

 it there for many years. Can you imagine that..

 Their colons were just not

 working as they should and most likely they both

 had suffered for years and never knew the reason
 Now that you know, please don’t make the mistake

 those two made. Take a colon cleanse by drinking lots of Kangen Water.
 Here is a further important message. Simply This tells why we age. click here
 To read testimonials how the water has helped so many people here ion this continent, CLICK HERE
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 Bottled water
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 Understanding this message is the first step to having a healthy body, I sincerely ask you to act on this.
 You are welcome to ask questions, either by telephonr 604-536-6813 or by email  Should I not be able to answer your questions, I will find the answers for you

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