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Drink Fruit and Vegetable Juices to Detox Body Fast

Detoxification is a known and popular method of body cleansing, from the skin to internal systems. Through the help of many types of detox programs, the toxic and waste materials are ‘flushed’ out of the body through several waste disposal systems of your body.

You have a good way to detox and cleanse your body when you add any fresh fruit to freshly-squeezed juices of organic vegetables. You will be increasing the level of your over-all health when you drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices each morning. People who consume more fruit and vegetable juices are believed to gain back lost nutrients that make them healthy and vigorous.

Fasting by juice detox diet is an extreme form of cleaning the body. You will not eat any solid food during this period. The water you drink must be pure and clean so it should be the distilled variety. The fruit and vegetables that you will consume shall be in liquid form. This method will give your digestive system a chance to rest. Your colon will also be given an opportunity to get rid of stuff that could be blocking its regular movement. You can perform a juice detox diet in 1 to 5 days; but, depending on your condition, you may go longer to up to 10 days.

However, you have to be careful if you had health problems such as heart ailment, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, kidney ailment, and anemia or iron deficiency. Pregnant and nursing women and children are not allowed to undergo any detox program.

Eating healthy foods is not enough to ensure a healthy lifestyle if you had not done any type of detox program. It is like putting the best fruit and vegetables inside a dirty machine. Toxin materials like chemicals and metal residue are typical contaminants found inside the body. Some water and antacid tablets are found containing large amount of hazardous metal content like aluminum. To be sure that you’re drinking pure water, choose distilled water.

A fasting juice detox diet recipe to start with is the ‘Vegetable Juice Combo’, which has a couple of Swiss chard leaves, a beet root, three watercress sprigs, a celery stalk, and three pieces of carrots. Clean, cut, and blend them all in a blender machine; then pour in a tall glass and drink chilled. Another juice recipe is ‘Carrot-Apple Juice’, which has three pieces green apples, one piece of carrot, and a couple of fresh basil leaves. Blend all these ingredients well, too. You can mix different types of fruits and vegetables with green leafy vegetables like: spinach, romaine lettuce, and celery.

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