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Drug Detox-before It Gets Too Late

Drug addiction or substance abuse, is increasingly becoming a serious threat to the society as more and more youngsters fall victims to this evil practice. Among the youth, it often begins as a simple affair, with most people thinking they would just like to try out the drug and see what it does. Sometimes, people take to drugs as a psychological crutch, when they are dealing with problems such as guilt or grief. Since these substances directly affect the central nervous system and cause a temporary numbing of the senses, people feel relaxed and their mood is instantly uplifted. As a result, they resort to this practice repeatedly, every time they feel down and low.

 Drug addiction is characterized by a very strong and often uncontrollable craving for the drug. Once addicted, an individual body becomes so dependent upon the drug that it becomes impossible to think straight or perform even the most basic functions. Addiction begins in the brain and compromises the individual ability to refrain from further use of the drug. Prolonged exposure to the drug contaminates the bloodstream leading to several physiological problems, damaged tissues, excessive weight loss and hampered functioning of the brain. This affects the immune system and the natural reflexes of the individual thus making him vulnerable to a variety of dangers.

 Addiction affects every aspect of an individual life. Be it his personal health, family life, work or school life, or the community as a whole. Often the families of such individuals suffer a lot due to such abuse. Especially the young children in their formative years who grow up watching the erratic and reckless behavior of a parent, have a very tormented childhood and often grow up to be depressed or disturbed adults. As an addict usually becomes incapable of sustaining a healthy work or family life, it becomes the responsibility of the spouse to single handedly take care of the house, both emotionally and financially. And of course, the pain of seeing a loved one fallen to addiction and in such bad health adds to their sorrow.

 The society as a whole is adversely affected by such a problem. If youngsters increasingly become addicts, a large section of the community talent pool is being wasted. These youngsters could have potentially become some of the most successful entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists or even leaders. But instead, they end up becoming an added responsibility. And not just that, the reckless behavior that such youngsters indulge in, like rash driving and street brawls etc., often becomes a public nuisance.

 With the advent of scientific and medical procedures, advanced drug detoxification and rehabilitation facilities are now available. However, such treatments are not always easy. It requires a very strong willpower from the patient and a lot of support from their families. With advanced practices of detoxification, which is chemically cleansing the toxins from the body, and with the help of effective counseling, psychological support and love, care and reassurance from the family, the addiction problem can be cured for good.

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