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During the detoxification, is there any beautifying and healthcare effect to get rid of sunspot, acne, aged-marks, wrinkle? 

Many ladies and old-aged friends care about this question. The sunspot, acne, aged-marks are caused by the long-term accumulation of the toxin in the body. The periodical detoxification can remove these toxins to recover the cells energy and make the skin elastic and smooth. It can remove or improve these symptoms and has the beautifying and healthcare effect.
Somebody says the detox foot spa has the instant effect to the diabetes and the removed toxin from the body is visible. Is that true?
      Yes, it’s true. Our clinic validation discovers the blood sugar index is decreased than this before using after the diabetes patients use the ion cleanse.  Usually, the blood sugar can be decrease to the normal level after one or two treatments (the treatments quantity depends on the condition of the different patients).

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