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Effects of Marijuana The Lies Exposed

The effects of marijuana are as individual as your fingerprints. Both short and long term effects will depend on your body systems, your age, weight, how long youe been using it as well as the marijuana strain used, its quality and whether or not youe mixing it with other substances.

When talking about the effects of marijuana, you should know that back in the 1930 marijuana was a popular medicine. Even though the dosage was always a question of trial and error, the good results were always clear and that was the most important factor.

Contrary to what you may have been told, marijuana is not addictive ?people smoke it because it makes them feel good; but if it is not available they will not experience withdrawals symptoms or any side effects from not having it. The fact that no one can overdose on cannabis is proof enough that it is a harmless herb; it was never a so-called drug. Believe it or not, its use in pain relief outshines anything conventional doctors can offer.

But lies have been always spread about the side effects of marijuana. However, when the whole truth is told, youl always discover that the person experiencing withdrawal was using some other substance along with marijuana; doubling up on two or more things can sure enough change the outcome. No, marijuana alone doesn cause withdrawal symptoms – so if anyone makes this claim, you should know that it is not so. When made by medical professionals, these false claims make them look smart; instead, they would be a lot smarter to learn the truth about the many beneficial effects of cannabis before spreading propaganda and deceiving honest people like you and me.

It is a lot like trying to commit suicide by holding your breath – you just pass out, and find yourself still breathing when you wake up. Likewise, when you smoke too much pot, you just go to sleep – when you wake up you are normal. So remember, no overdose – ever!

You most certainly know that many of today long term prescription drugs cause a lot of pain and suffering. Doctors are not perfect – they are human too – but mistakes can cause a lot of pain – pain they are unable to do much for. Doctors are also under the direct control of the very government that outlawed marijuana in the first place and have kept it from being legalized. Doctors are insiders – like foxes in the hen house.

For many people, the long term effects of cannabis have been the successful healing of various health problems. Some that have spent years going to a conventional doctor, especially for cancer, found that their long term needs are simply to manage the pain and misery until the end. Although marijuana does not cure cancer and maybe only a few other things, one of the long term effects of marijuana for certain, is helping manage pain better than anything doctors can prescribe.

Short term, laughing out loud has always been the most visible of all the effects of marijuana and, according to Mayo Clinic and Reader Digest, a good belly laugh is one of the best medicines.

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