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Elchim Hair Dryers – The Best Ionic Blow Dryer on the Market

If you take your hair seriously then you must have an ionic hair dryer. This amazing technology does a lot more than just dry your hair; when you use one for the first time you’ll be amazed at the difference. And, if you want the best of the best, consider buying one from the Elchim hair dryer collection.

 Okay, so you’re definitely going to get yourself an ionic dryer, but why pay over a hundred dollars for an Elchim when you could buy a cheaper brand for less than half the price? The answer is because of the way the negative ions are produced; not all dryers are made equal.

 Cheaper brands use the spark method to produce negative ions. The spark does produce negative ions but the ions only stay charged for a very short period of time – soon being neutralized. Your hair doesn’t get the full benefits it should.

 More expensive brands, like all Elchim hair dryers, produce a continuous stream of ions by means of a Negative Ion Generating System. The ions stay negatively charged and these in turn break down the water molecules allowing for easy absorption into the hair shaft, which makes hair shiny and healthy looking.

 But which Elchim appliance to get? Both the 2001 and Uragano are popular. The 2001 is lightweight – weighing only 1.3lbs – while the stylish lines of the Uragano are should to please. However, the Elchim Uragano is just about looking good; it won the prestigious Allure Best of Beauty Award twice.

 However, both of these appliances lack a cold-shot button. If you require this feature then take a look at the Elchim 5000 Da Vinci. It’s one of the most ergonomically designed hair tools on the market – the handle is perfectly balanced and the dryer is easy to use whether your right or left handed. It also has a larger motor than the above two – 2000 watts.

 Other great models available are the Galaxy – one of the cheapest in the Elchim collection but still comes with 7 heat and speed setting, cold-shot button and 2 concentrator nozzles. The VIP Ionic is the lightest in the collection, weighing only 1.2lbs. It comes with a powerful 1800 watt motor, 4 speed/temperature settings and 2 concentrator nozzles.

 There’s no denying they’re more expensive than a lot of other brands but whichever Elchim hair dryer you buy you can be sure that you’ll be buying one the best ionic hair dryers that are currently available.

 Follow the links for Elchim hair dryers. If you want the best hair dryer then you should buy one of these ionic hair dryers – your hair won’t regret your decision.

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