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Electromagnetic Stress & Your Home 4 Effective Cures To Deal With Electromagnetic Stress

Electromagnetic fields are constantly being emanated from the electronic devices that surround us. These electromagnetic fields have detrimental effects on our physical, mental, and spiritual health.
 Human beings are constantly electromagnetic beings. World Health Organization performed a research that concluded that “the human body emits electromagnetic fields at frequencies upto 300 GHz” We are exposed to electromagnetic waves a lot more than our ancestors were.
 The health hazards of Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are well known. Growing evidence has been suggesting that long term exposure to power grid lines can result in childhood leukemia. Prolonged exposure to electronic appliances in our sleep is risky for our health too.
 Here are the three effective ways to deal with EMFs:
 1.) Power cables should be located well away from your home or your children’s school. They are believed to radiate EMF’s upto the distance of 1 mile on either sides. Avoid picking schools or homes that are closer to power cables.

 2.) Unplugging the appliances from the outlet is one of best ways to deal with EMF’s at home. Don’t sleep near an air-conditioning unit or a refrigerator. Install a device in your home electrical system to cut off the current at the source when not in use.
 3.) Turn off television when not in use. A study found that taping a large lump of gold to the screen of a TV and leaving it switched on for two years turned it into lead! This happened because of the radioactive decay from the emf that TV generated. Unplug the TV when not in use for extended period of time.
 4.) Computers emit dangerously high volumes of EMFs. Pregnant women should avoid using the computers because of high risk of mis-carriage and birth defects in presence of EMF.
 It is not easy to avoid the dangers of EMF in today’s technological advanced society. Some of the best ways to deal with EMF is to add air cleansing device like a negative ionizer can help you deal with negative effects of EMF.
 Water fountains act as perfect negative ion generators. Ordinary house plants have the ability to cleanse common air pollutants. These plants are peace lilies, peperomias, and golden pothos. When plants are added to your indoors, they increase negative ion composition, and add more oxygen to your indoors. This is believed to be very beneficial, especially when they are placed closer to the EMF producing equipments like TV’s, refrigerators, or computers.


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