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Equisetum arvense health benefits

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) has been known from the oldest of times because of its hemostatic effect, horsetail was considered “irreplaceably priceless”, especially in cases of bleedings and bladder problems. This herb cleanses toxins from inside the human body.
 Horsetail contains 5-7% silicic acid, nicotine, palustrine, palustridine, phytosterol, beta-sitosterol, malic acid, vitamin C, volatile oil, potassium salts etc. The active components from horsetail have antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effects; they preserve eyesight and stimulate blood flow. Also, the usage of this plant brought effective results in fighting against renal problems.
 Horsetail is used under forms of tea, powder, tincture, macerated mixture in treating digestive problems, gastric hyperacidity, ulcer, bronchitis, pneumonia, amygdalitis, and inflammations of the mouth, ulcerous stomatitis, gum bleedings, fistula and polypus.
 Just like Richard Willfort, an Austrian botanist, stated – the prolonged consumption of horsetail tea prevents the malign tumor.

 The usage of hot bathwater has given notable results in cleansing the kidney, and alleviating renal problems. Moreover, horsetail tincture is used against sweaty feet and the infusion is good for eliminating dandruff.
 Arthritis, arthrosis, renal colics, gout, hemorrhoids, rheumatism could be alleviated by using horsetail in small amounts.
 From horsetail tea, tincture, macerated mixtures and unguents are obtained.Horsetail tincture is obtained from 100g horsetail which is placed in a bottle on top of which refined alcohol is poured until it completely covers the herbs inside. Then it is let to sit in the sun or other heat source for 14 days.
 Macerated horsetail is obtained from a couple of spoons of powder placed in a liter of water, left to macerate for a few hours and then strained; it is then consumed in a day. It’s beneficial for the stomach because it has antitoxic effects and helps cleanse the kidney.
 The unguent is made from mashing fresh thoroughly washed horsetail herb.

 Also, baths are made by filling a pot with 5-6 litres of cold water over which two handfuls of horsetail are strewn and the mixture is let to settle till the next day. The pot is placed on the stove and it’s left to boil, after which the mixture is passed through a sieve and used as bathing water. The bath lasts 20 minutes.
 Read more about Horsetail or about
 Medicinal Herbs in general.

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