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Facial Acne Skin Care Treatment – Prevention and Action Tips

Facial acne is among the most common skin disorder affliction and usually, the most affected groups of people are teenagers due to hormonal changes. Due to high levels of hormone production, the oil glands of your skin also known as the sebaceous glands will produce more oil and as a result, this renders your skin oily. That’s why sometimes you see people with a greasy face. The reason is this oily and sticky substance called the sebum.

While facial acne can disappear for some teenagers when they venture into adulthood, there are still some of them who can’t seem to get away with this problem even after becoming adults. So adults too can be affected by facial acne. If you’re told that the only category of people who are affected by facial acne are teenagers, that’s simply not true because acne is not only triggered by hormonal changes. There are other causes of acne which I am going to cover later on.

Facial acne can be extremely frustrating while destroying your self-confidence and self-esteem and is considered to be among the worst type of acne on your body since it’s the most visible. When people look at you, they look you in the face most of the times. If you have harsh acne on your face, you can feel quite complexed. Severe facial acne can prevent you from having a social life as well because you might not feel at ease around other people. You would prefer to stay alone most of the times. Parties, meetings, crowded places are some of the places you would avoid.

But don’t despair. Facial acne can be treated and there are numerous methods. Before I talk about how you can treat and get rid of your facial acne, let’s see some of the causes of facial acne and the preventive measures you should undertake. I’ve already written 3 articles on each of these 3 topics. Check them out.

(1) Diet

Acne Diet – Acne Cure Diet Treatment

(2) Stress

Acne Stress Related – Does Stress Cause Acne?

(3) Exercise

Acne Exercise – How Exercises Can Reduce Acne

Now, if you already have facial acne, read these two interesting articles to cure your acne. I talked about the use of green tea leaves to heal your acne, a method which has worked for me. Using green tea leaves is a natural treatment and does not cost much apart only buying the tea leaves. When buying them, the green tea leaves are dried and brownish-black and you just need to boil them.

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