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Facts And Myths Related To Electronic Cigarettes

Whenever a top product hits the market, critics come up with ways to belittle the product or at least find some faults. When the product is connected to something as vicious-sounding as smoking, there are bound to be detractors; the spreaders of myths about its supposed-wrong-doing. However, it has been proved through researches and scientific tests that many myths regarding electronic cigarette starter kit are baseless.

 The most potent myth you come across when you buy electronic cigarettes is that since it is electronic, it can cause problematic reactions, which may be life-threatening. However, it has been cross-checked that once you make a purchase through reputed stores, things generally fall in line. The electronic cigarette starter kit comprises of cartridges, retainers, atomizer coils; battery and USB ports for charging.

 The second myth is that it lays false claim that it emits out harmless vapors. This has emanated out of the fact that there are definite essence of nicotine, the most popular flavor by a long margin for smokers. However, the amount of nicotine is at such a small level, that it can never pose any threat. Actually speaking, this much amount is present even in nicotine patches. Yet, you should remember to choose the flavors wisely and get a mix of menthol and other fresheners when you buy electronic cigarettes. Thus, the bystanders can really breathe easy.

 The third myth is that its attractive flavors are actually bringing non-smokers to smoking. Yes, there is some truth to this myth since electronic cigarette starter kit is fully legal in its execution. Children and adolescents can be bought by its attractive powers, but it is actually only an assumption why people pick up habits. If only attraction would fetch people, people in India wouldn’t be bought into chewing betel leaves.

 One of the most powerful myth, and not without substance is that people buy electronic cigarettes not to initiate into quitting smoking, but to catch the habit and eventually graduate into real manual smoking. This is however a fact that electronic cigarettes are mainly manufactured to help chain smokers refrain from their dangerous smoking habit and indulge in electronic smoking that is not dangerous by any means. Anyhow, that those who do not smoke will love smoking electronic cigarettes is a theory that is far-fetched.

 Another significant myth is that electronic cigarette starter kit contains liquid retainers that have anti-freeze elements such as propylene glycol, whose toxic nature cannot be argued. There is an element of truth to it, but again, the amount of propylene glycol involved can not actually create a problem. Come to think of it, there are so many dangerous elements mixed in common air; the sulphur deposits et al, and yet we live. In actuality, when you buy electronic cigarettes, be clear in mind that you are purchasing something that will help you quit smoking. It will ensure a cleaner environment around and assure that there are no health concerns. These cigarettes also bust quite a few myths in its wake.


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